Iran is an Asian country located at the eastern part of Asia. It borders the Middle East and many other states like Turkey and Iraq. Iran has many beautiful tourist features that enable it to have a successful tourism industry. Its large territorial size covers a wide range of attractions including coastal regions graced by the Caspian Sea, Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf. 
Travelling into Iran is either by air transport, train, car, or by public bus. Considering using an airplane, you can choose either the national carrier – Iran Air, Emirates, BMI, Turkish Airlines, Middle-Eastern Airlines, Australian Airlines, AirAsia, Gulf Air, Qatar Airlines, Mahan Air or Iran Aseman Airlines, among other several airlines to fly into one of the airports in Iran that operate international flights. The major international airport is Imam Khomeini International Airport, which is southwest of the capital city of Tehran. The international destinations that are connected to Iran are Dubai, the Middle East, some cities in Europe, Australia, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Kuwait, Iraq and Syria.
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Visitor from the neighboring states: Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan can use train transport to enter Iran. In Turkey, there are two service companies: the Istanbul and Tabriz-Van services that provide train transportation to Iran. The Mashad-Heart railway route is useful from Afghanistan to Iran. If you are coming from Iraq, you can use the Khorramshar-Basra railway route. Pakistan’s Quetta-Zahedan connection to Iran by rail is also available if coming from Pakistan.
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Travelling by car is a convenient option when moving from Turkey to Iran. However, a pass in the form of a Carnet De Passage is required. Public buses can be boarded in Armenia from Yerevan to Teheran. In Turkey, cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya have public buses that transport passengers to Tehran in Iran. From Iraq, bard a bus in Arbil, Sanandaj and Kermanshah to arrive at Iran’s bus stages in Urmia, Sulaymaniyah and Tehran.
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In Afghanistan, there are buses that operate day-in-day-out between Mashad and Herat. Turkmenistan’s dwellers can board buses in Ashgabat to arrive at Iran’s town of Mashhad. Iran has ferry transport facilities that operate along the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf. There are ferry trips between Iran and; Dubai, Kish Island, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.
In case you are planning to spend a night in Iran, finding an accommodation facility is not stressful. Iran’s facilities range from the fine affordable guest rooms to the world-class five-star hotels. There are villas that are well equipped with air conditioners, internet connection and a swimming pool. Guesthouses are the most available and cheapest facilities that you will find in almost every town and city you visit. There are also hotels that adopt the ancient Iranian bedroom setup, which one of the best ways of indulging into the rich Iranian culture.
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There are many places to visit in Iran. They include the monumental sites and natural attraction sites. Tehran is a large city to visit and stroll along its major safe streets as well as enjoying the local cuisine in the fine restaurants and luxurious hotels and visit tourist attraction sites. Hamedan is a historic city that bears much of the rich history of the Iranian people. Isfahan is the central of all attractive cities in Iran. It was initially a capital city but its outstanding architectural designs and the surrounding boulevards make the city a heaven-made paradise experience. Other attractions are such as the ancient palaces, gorgeous islands and the artistic museum known as Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.

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