Uzbekistan lies within the Asian continent next to the Aral Sea. It has modern facilities and a well-laid infrastructure. Its capital city is Tashkent, which is the largest of all city centers within the country. Uzbekistan territory can be seen in the map sharing borders with Asian states such as Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and KazakhstanThere are four ways of entering Uzbekistan.
If you are coming from a state that is far away from the neighboring states, you can board either Uzbekistan’s national carrier – Uzbekistan Airways or other airlines that connect to Uzbekistan’s main international airport, IATA in Tashkent. Train transport can be useful for passengers coming from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, and Tajikistan. However, the ride from Moscow is known to be hectic because the trains are outdated with no interior air conditioners, and few, dirty sanitation facilities.
People from neighboring countries can use public transport or private vehicles to enter Uzbekistan. From Afghanistan, there is the Friendship Bridge that is the frequent pass into Uzbekistan. When coming from Kazakhstan, you can use either the Gisht Kuprik road, Beyneu crossing, or the China crossing into Uzbekistan. Borders to cross from Kyrgyzstan are the Gisht Kuprik border, Jalal Abad-Khanabad, and the Osh –Dustlyk-Andijan connection into Uzbekistan. From Tajikistan, take the Danau border route into Uzbekistan’s center of Samarkand.
Planning for accommodation in Uzbekistan requires you to know the hotels and cams within the country. The hotel charges are displayed on the websites of respective hotels or general accommodation websites for Uzbekistan. If you love adventure, you can choose to stay in the camps known as the Yurts. Nurata Yurt Camp is five hundred kilometers from the capital city of Tashkent. Other camps available are the Ayaz Kala Yurt Camp, which is one hundred kilometers near Khiva and the Aydar Yurt Camp that settles within the Kyzyl Kum Desert. The accommodation charges are sixty dollars and above depending on the hotel or camp you choose to settle.
There are two things to bear in mind about Uzbekistan’s food. Uzbekistan is known for never missing bread in most of their meals. Meat is a primary recipe in every dish so it is not easy to escape meat as you treat yourself to the fine restaurants in the capital city and other well-developed town areas. There are numerous meaty dishes offered within the eateries, which include the Osh that consists of rice and mutton. Wines and beers are in plenty. You can also enjoy a night out in the clubs and some restaurants until late dawn.
Uzbekistan has many tourist attractions to visit as you spend holidays within this state. The sites are nature parks, unique landmarks, and historic features preserved for many centuries. There are many fun activities to participate in as a tourist like a camel ridding, sightseeing, sea skiing, river rafting at the Chatkal River and nature trekking. One of the places to discover Uzbekistan’s wildlife habitat is the Jeyran Ecological Center that houses many endangered species of wild animals including wild horses. Witness the ancient but majestic bathhouses that were used by majesties in the past, at Samarkand. Other attractions are the national parks and the desserts among many sites to visit within Uzbekistan.