Riviera Maya, Mexico

Riviera Maya also known as the Mayan Riviera is a long coastal stretch south of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Riviera Maya boasts with rich beaches, coastal vegetation, and a variety of beautiful marine environment along its Caribbean Sea Coastline. Just like any other city in Mexico, the locals speak Spanish as their official language while those in remote areas may speak native languages like the Mayan language. Riviera Maya can be accessed by road transport if tourists are within the Yucatan Peninsula or by international airplane into the Cancun International Airport from which they can aboard a public means of transport like buses or a taxi to the Mayan Riviera. The Tres Rios Eco-park in Playa del Carmen is a place to meet varieties of flora and fauna species, have a nice photo taken with them, and interact with the unique wildlife within.
Xcaret is a complex park with both wildlife and a theme interests. The theme side of the park showcases the proud culture of the Mayans through their cultural dances and their popular traditional ball game. To add to the amusement is a water theme park where many water sports can be played and a gorgeous swimming pool. The nature side shows a collection of different colorful butterfly species and a zoo of wild animals waiting to be seen. Xel-Ha Bay is a nice place to view the wide aquatic ecosystem of the Caribbean Sea. A snorkel firm is nearby to provide snorkel equipment and training to tourists who are not used to snorkeling. Many tourists visit this bay every week to get a glimpse of the beautiful marine environment of the sea.
A hiking tour to the forest near Xel-Ha will give you a chance to meet the huge caves and its inner hanging stalagmite creations. The caves are called Aktun Chen. Along the guided tour, tourists can have a chance to meet the rarest species of monkeys in the world known as the Spider Monkeys. The snake park is nearby to see varieties of snake species of this Mexican region.
The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is a collection of large indigenous species of wildlife, Mayan historical sites, and a local cultural village called Boca Paila. This reserve has made itself a heritage site by making efforts to preserve the ruins of the old Mayan structures. The reserve is close to the coastline whereby a small mangrove forest can be seen and beautiful lagoons grace the environment with beautiful green waters.
Meet the pretty colorful Mexican birds in the Xaman-Ha Aviary. A variety of bird species like the pink flamingoes and the steady herons frequent this sanctuary. This bird sanctuary can be found in Playa. The Cozumel Island is off Riviera Maya’s coastline. This famous island facilitates diving activities and has exotic hotels and resorts where tourists can enjoy the unique cuisine varieties that Mexico has in offer.
In Plaza Marina is a sky diving field known as the Sky Dive Playa. Sky diving fans flock into this area. Training on sky diving is provided as well as professional sky diving instructors are available to take visitors through the journey of sky diving. Other activities are playing golf in golf centers within Riviera Maya, exploring the ancient artifacts and shipwrecks in Cedam Maritime Museum, boat riding at the beach, fishing in the sea, and kayaking among others.
Beach resorts, hotels, villas, and apartments are available to accommodate the tourists visiting Riviera Maya. However, tourists are advised to book for accommodation early before they arrive so that they avoid the embarrassment of lacking shelter while enjoying their holidays in Mayan Riviera.
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