Sozopol, Bulgaria

Sozopol has everything that a tourist would expect in any tourist destination. It is a beach site, has beautiful nature sites, exotic dining sites, vibrant nightlife, historical sites, and the hospitality is highly regarded. Sozopol is a town in Bulgaria specifically located at the Black Sea Coast. Since Sozopol is also a historic site its region is composed of two parts: the old town and the advanced town.  The Old Sozopol is noticeable by its ancient preserved buildings, its old streets, and an established lovely leisure site for tourists who would like to spend in this part of Sozopol. Modern Sozopol Town has exotic hotels, fine restaurants, clubs, and many luxurious facilities. Sozopol town can be accessed by public road transport from major cities in Bulgaria.
There are many attraction sites in Sozopol ranging from the historic sites mostly found in the old town, nature preserves to the nearby coastal beaches. The archaeological museum in Sozopol has a wide variety of historic items to show cast to its visitors from the Stone Age period to recent times. To be found in this museum are pottery, ceramics, and ship anchors that date as far back as to the fifth century AD!
The history of the town can also be found in the museum mostly inform of old documents written several centuries ago by remarkable writers who used to dwell in the ancient Sozopol town. In the Old town of Sozopol is an old church that is more than five hundred years old. The Church of Sveti Bogorodista lies as ruins in a beautiful yard that has the indigenous fig tree standing in the yard.
The Ethnographic Museum shows every aspect of the history of Sozopol. It is more of a cultural museum because it also stands at the site of an old house with some of the equipment that any home would be required to have in those ancient times of the old Sozopol Town. Exhibits in this museum are cultural items, jewelry, and photos of the ancient Sozopol Town. The Saint Georgi Church is one iconic structure that is a must to visit. It is also an old church of Sozopol and was built in honor of St George. However, while visiting this church, tourists should beware that their dressing code should at least avoid shorts.
On the southern side of Sozopol is a beautiful nature reserve, the Ropotamo Nature Reserve. This reserve showcases wide varieties of plant species including the indigenous rare species, plus some adorable bird species to interact within the reserve. There is a river, River Ropotamo, in the reserve which a natural feature treasured by the reserve. The Central Beach and Harmani Beach are the only lively beach sites in Sozopol. Just like any other beach, there many water sports, including fishing, taking place under the summer sun.
Tourists who are camp fans can have a chance of enjoying their hobby in varieties of camping grounds in Sozopol. Gardenia, Zlatna Ribka, and Smokinya are examples of campgrounds to practice camping activities as they enjoy their stay in Sozopol. Sozopol has many accommodation facilities within its town and at the beach sites. The restaurants and hotels are luxurious with wonderful local cuisine.