Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is a fun place to visit and enjoy your holidays. This destination provides every kind of attractions site a tourist can ever imagine. Puerto Vallarta is a city located on the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico. It is a modernized city with advanced infrastructural facilities, educational institutions, and an organized administrative authority managing the region under the Mexican government. Puerto Vallarta can be accessed by an airplane to its international airport called Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport operating in the northern part of the city.
Puerto Vallarta has many attraction sites. One of them is the unique huge structure of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadeloupe which has amazing architectural features. The cathedral has served for many centuries as a church. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadeloupe is located at the center of Puerto Vallarta City.
The Cuale Museum has a large collection of archeological artifacts and ancient craftwork of the Mexican culture. This museum can be found at the Isla Cuale. The Cuale Museum also shows some of the traditional cultural culture of the Native Mexican communities.

Puerto Vallarta has many art galleries showing the highly respected artistic talent of Mexico. Some of the art galleries within Puerto Vallarta are Manuel Lepe Museum, Latin American Art Gallery, and Galeria Olinala. Many types of artistic items are displayed in these galleries including ceramics artifacts.

Puerto Vallarta has many sandy beaches that take advantage of the pleasant sunny weather. The beaches are beautifully formulated with the background natural vegetation, the white sands, and the blue turquoise Pacific Ocean. The Banderas Bay and the Marietta Islands are based on scuba diving which enables tourists to come into contact with the beautiful complex marine environment of the coastal Pacific Ocean. Snorkeling sites are available for tourists who opt to snorkel in the sites. Many water sports like diving, sailing, fishing, water skiing, and surfing over the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Other fun activities in other areas of Puerto Vallarta are hiking in various forests in the vicinity of Puerto Vallarta, cycling along the cycle routes, attending the cultural event of bullfighting at Toros Plaza, watching large sea creatures like whales and dolphins while on a cruise in the Pacific Ocean, playing golf in golf centers like the Los Flamingoes Golf Course and La Marina Golf course, and taking a guided tour around Puerto Vallarta city to familiarize with the place.
Puerto Vallarta is a modern city with large shopping centers where visitors can take a leisure walk and shop for trendy items sold in the shops. There are movie theatres to check on their movie schedule and get a chance of watching the favorite movies in the theatres.
There are many fine restaurants and royal hotels that provide varieties of dishes, including the rich Mexican flavors. Accommodation facilities are available near the beaches and within the reach of the city. The facilities are in the form of well-equipped hotel rooms, villas, beach resorts, and the holiday houses.