Cancun, Mexico

Cancun promises a lot to its tourists. Cancun is a famous destination to international tourists including the big celebrities of today. Cancun is a city located in Quintana Roo sate of Mexico. Its position at the Yucantan Peninsula that extends into the Gulf of Mexico enables it to enjoy an oceanic climate and have many white sand beaches that are suitable to tourist. Cancun has its own international airport known as the Cancun International Airport from where tourists can board a taxi or a guided tour they must have applied online to reach out to various attraction sites within Cancun. 
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Most of its sites have water bodies hence Cancun is poplar for its water related fu activities and aquatic animals. Sites that are open to tourists in Cancun are:
The Interactive Aquarium lets visitors to interact with aquatic animals like dolphins, sharks and star fish. Interacting with a shark may sound scary but here in this aquarium visitors are taught how to nurture sharks without any harm.
The beaches along the Mexican Gulf are the most beautiful beaches at the Yucantan Peninsula. Their white sands coastline matches well with the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. There are many water sports activities at the beaches. The sea is open to surfing, sailing and boat riding activities. There are marinas where tourists can learn and practices scuba diving into the marine environment to get a close glimpse of the stunning varieties of the aquatic animals and plants gracing the gulf.
Isla Contoy is a bird sanctuary north of Isla Mujeres. More than a hundred species of sea birds can be found in this naturally beautiful place. The birds are colorful and make the sanctuary a living paradise with their amazing chirping musical sounds.
Xcaret Park is a park that showcases all kinds of attractions in one place. This park is situated south of Cancun City. Many flora and fauna species are seen in this park, including uncountable butterfly species nested in the Butterfly Pavilion. The Mayan culture is well described and illustrated alongside relative archaeological sites that show the historical picture of the Peninsula and the native communities that lived in the peninsula. There is also a snorkeling site where sea creatures can be viewed clearly.
Cancun has been the centre stage to interact with Dolphins. Wet’n’Wild, Delphinus Dreams and Dolphin Discovery, including the Interactive Aquarium, have opened doors for visitors to meet and swim with dolphins. However, in Wet’n’Wild park, visitors are not allowed to take pictures of the dolphins, and if they do they are charged twenty to twenty-five pesos for each photo taken in the park.
With many attraction sites to enjoy sight-seeing, mane white sand beaches alongside the beautiful gulf waters, restaurants, beautiful Mexican culture and highly regarded hospitality, Cancun is undoubtedly one of the best destinations in the world to enjoy long holidays.
Restaurants and hotels offer varieties of Mexican dishes that are so unique and delicious that you will keep asking for more. Clubs are available in the city and at the beaches and they operate throughout the night. Accommodation facilities are very much available and or different sorts for tourists to choose from. There are villas, holiday houses, beach resorts and hotels with gorgeous swimming pools and sometimes offer traditional dances to entertain guests.
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