Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Palma de Mallorca is the major port on the island of Majorca and the capital of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands in Spain. The city is located on the northwestern end of a bay on the south coast of the island on the Bay of Palma. The Arab Baths are one of the few remnants of Palma’s Moorish past. To access them you have to go through the quiet Ca’n Serra Street near the convent of the cathedral. The small two-roomed brick building that once housed the bath is of Byzantine origin, dating back to the 11th century and possibly once part of the home of a Muslim nobleman.
In the south-east area behind the Cathedral lays a mesmerizing maze of streets indicating a past Arab occupation. The walkways of this old city are relatively narrow, quiet, and surrounded by a diverse range of fascinating buildings. The architecture can easily be compared with those in the streets of cities such as Florence in Italy. The majority of these buildings are private houses, although some of them are open to the public as discreet museums or galleries. 
A visit to the Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary Art will give a very rewarding experience. Museum itself is housed in the old fortress and the restaurant on the terrace is greatly acclaimed. To the west of Palma, there is a foundation devoted to the work of Joan Miro, the greatest Spanish artist. There are several grand theaters in the city that host annual opera and ballet festivals and would make a great visit. 
If you love nightlife then you can’t afford to miss the Paseo Maritime, along the ocean in Palma. This is the area along the port where all the yachts and boats are chartered. It is also where the majority of disco, pubs, bars and night clubs are located and it is beautiful at night because you can see the cathedral all lit up. The discotecas are very popular here; Tito’s is a famous discotecas that in the 1950s, people like Frank Sinatra used to go to and it is still up and running today. Clubs stay going until about 6.00 a.m. and the clubs here do not get extremely busy until at least midnight on most days. Can Pere Antoni Beach is the best place in Palma for cycling. A cycling path is available and stretches the entire length of the Bay. The view of the beautiful landscapes and the ocean is enchanting.
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Marineland is a large marine zoo and a perfect place to take children. It has a large aquarium and a terrarium. Here you can see sharks, tropical fish, exotic lizards, iguanas, anacondas, flamingos, and penguins. For a break, the Calvias Costa d’en Blanes beach is nearby, as well as, a playground, which all belongs to Marineland. There are daily shows played here, such as shows of the Sea lions, Dolphins, and Parrots. 
There are a variety of accommodation facilities and options for every individual visitor. You will have to make your selection depending on how many you are and the budget you have. Most accommodation facilities close in winter there for early reservation is always recommended. 
Palma is a perfect destination for holidays; the city remains beautiful and impressive, with the grand bulk of the cathedral towering above the old town and the remnants of the medieval walls. In high season, finding accommodation in Palma de Mallorca is not easy. So you should plan your trip and book your Mallorca holiday home early. 
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