Phuket, Thailand – A True Paradise

What do you consider to be a paradise on Earth? For us, it is diamond clear sea, soft and sandy beaches and the shade from the palm trees. Never have we thought that Thailand would be a country that hides such a paradise but once we stepped foot in Phuket, we were left speechless.

Countless numbers of Phuket resorts are what help preserve this paradise since they invest in beach preservation more than any others. But why Phuket? What left us speechless is the view and the feeling of the place. To be honest, peace is actually what attracted us the most. Imagine this story: you are in a Phuket resort of your choosing and you woke up with the sound of waves and sun rays on your face. What a morning right? Take a few steps and go to the terrace where a colorful breakfast is waiting for you. Fruits, freshly squeezed juices or warm coffee is what will keep you going until lunch. After breakfast get ready and leave for the beach. All you need is your bikini and a hat and your beach chair will be waiting. Sit in it and soak in the view. What do you feel? Peacefulness and joy are what dominated our feelings and it taking over us.

Then comes the sea. The color of the Phuket sea is truly out of this world and boy is it warm! Float and let yourself go. Relax and feel free. Then sunbathe for the rest of your day with your favorite book of songs from the distance. As the sun slowly goes down, someone will bring you a cocktail to sip while you wait for your dinner as an appetiser. And dinner is magical. A table near the sea decorated with candles while the sea breeze softly touches your body is the most magical picture you can ever imagine. Honestly, people in Phuket are so friendly and whether it is staff from the hotel or tourists, everyone feels relaxed, stress-free and rested. It is the energy of the place that helps you soak it all in.

Once your beach gets less interesting (which is close to impossible) you can ask the locals to show you beaches close to yours and those hidden from the public are the most interesting. Palm trees are whispering and the sea speaks back to them. Phuket is a paradise on this earth and no place can match it completely. Or is there? If you feel there is a place like this one anywhere else, we are open to your suggestions. Hey, there are still undiscovered lands that are waiting for us!

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