Things to do in Bangkok, Thailand

Hello, travelers, how are you this day? Let me ask you something, how was your year so far? Are you satisfied or you might have traveled more? We know, when is it ever enough? This is why we dedicated this article to place widely popular in the last couple of years and all for a very good reason!

All of you must know someone who has been to Bangkok and stories about this city and Thailand exceed the Asian continent. Since tourism has been developing for many years in this region, now Bangkok has reached a point of perfection with not a lot of room for improvement. Here is why we consider Thailand a perfect country to spend your energy, time and money and feel like you have accomplished enough to finish off the year with a bang!

Bangkok is one of those cities that shine bright day and night, 365 days a year and it is alive just as much. The rush never stops and it never sleeps! Doing many attractions, activities, and sightseeing a couple of days won’t suffice if you want to have the right impression about it. Keep in mind, even though the city is visited by millions of people a year, it still does not open itself easily. You might need to adapt or bend a little to feel the true charm of Asian gem.

Let’s talk about safety a little as it is an important issue when deciding whether to travel solo or in a group. Even though Bangkok is huge and unknown, people are friendly and you meet people easily. Female travelers who have traveled alone wrote to us saying that not a lot of cities made them feel safe like Bangkok.

Hotel in Bangkok is too expensive”, they said, but rest assured, when booking your accommodation in time it is more than affordable. The deluxe ones are of course on the top of the price list but who need that much luxury in a place where they spend only 8 hours, 7 of which are sleeping. Isn’t it better to spend your hard-earned money on some of the attractions this beautiful city is saving for you, rather than a king-sized bed and room service?

Bangkok after nightfall is special! There are so many stories we have heard that they made us go and explore by ourselves. Whether parrying until down or dining above city streets is your thing, you will experience memorable moments and forget to take stunning photos. You will be busy soaking it all in, all of your senses will be taken over by the complexity of Bangkok nightlife. So complex, but yet easy to find your way around.

We wanted to end this article with a warning. Every city has its ups and downs and the biggest flaw about Bangkok is you might end up falling in love with all the glow and then you end up in an enchanted circle. Once a tourist, now a well-experienced fan!