Lake Louise – Banff, Canada

Alberta, Canada is blessed with natural wonders, one of which is the Alberta Rockies Region where the world-famous Banff National Park sits. It is in this vast park where Lake Louise is found, one of the region’s most inviting features. Here is where the blue skies are in perfect harmony with the blue lake which results in picturesque scenery no words can describe. Lake Louise is known for its untouched beauty and a sanctuary of rare animals and wilderness. For sight-seeing indescribable natural beauty, Lake Louise is an absolute winner.

Every tourist’s goal is to have a sight of the legendary lake. Careful scheduling is wise to do before heading to this world-famous natural wonder, and it is best to avoid the peak hours which is between 10 am and 4 pm. Meanwhile, there are about 200 km of hiking trails in and around Lake Louise, and so nature hiking is best done while waiting for the right time to have a sight of the lake.

Lake Louise is no doubt a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Being in the premise of this enchanting place is an opportune time to be close to nature where adventurous activities are bound to happen.  This destination is the perfect choice for hiking, skiing, and some selected water sports, boat paddling, and lake cruising. Being the gateway to Icefields Parkway, it permits Glacier walks and other thrilling activities only the Rockies Region can generate. The town of Lake Louise is full of charm, and despite its small size, is packed with everything a tourist might need. The natural landscape plays a lovely contrast to the hotels, restaurants, and other traveler-friendly establishments sprawled in the region.

Every changing season brings a different kind of experience, which means that visitors can come-in in any time of the year. Summer and fall seasons are ideal for river rafting, gondola rides, boat cruises, hiking, golfing, and wildlife viewing. And because Lake Louise is home to some of Canada’s magnificent ski areas, when winter comes, the people get busy snow skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and other similar outdoor adventures. Suffice it to say, Lake Louise has everything that makes tourists enjoy the expanse of the Rockies Region.

The titles “The Diamond in the Wilderness,” “The Jewel in the Heart of Rockies Mountain,”  “The Ski Capital of Canada” and “The Romantic Capital of Canada” speak loudly what tourists love in Lake Louie. The wide expanse of the Rockies Region is not only popular for its natural and breath-taking scenery, but the majestic jagged-edged mountains also allow wildlife viewing, nature tripping, or simply relaxing in the surroundings of an awe-inspiring backdrop.