Salisbury, England

In the heart of the West Country is where Salisbury lies, an astonishing cathedral city regarded as one of Britain’s finest. In every turn, there are enclosed gardens between small, charming houses that exude a strong medieval feel. This Wiltshire county town is undeniably famous for its fabulous historic structures well-preserved up to this day. Surrounding the quaint town are attractions that permit both a relaxing stroll and upbeat activities, making Salisbury a fantastic choice for an intimate honeymoon or a family escapade. The Salisbury Cathedral is unarguably the top attraction of the town. The cathedral is stunning courtesy of bright stained-glass, limestone’s vivid colors, and shining Purbeck marble, resulting in an interior that never fails to awe. With the height of 404 feet, the spire of Salisbury Cathedral is named as England’s highest.  The Cathedral Close is also a feature not to miss, an attraction-packed with notable Georgian and Elizabethan homes and buildings, lush green lawns, and compact town parks.

Mompesson Mansion is on the premises of the Cathedral Close, a house highlighted by amusing interior and wide glass collection. Near the Close is the Malmesbury House with a collection of fascinating rococo plasterwork. Meanwhile, the Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum has an exhibit of Salisbury and England art, collection of glasses, chinaware, and costumes, and serves as the proud home of the Stonehenge Gallery and the Monkton Deverill Gold Torc.

The prehistoric monument Stonehenge is easily accessed from the heart of Salisbury, and is one of the most famous sites in the planet, these mysterious-looking stones believed to be erected between 3000BC and 2000BC is a must. Salisbury’s Old City Center must also be part of the list, as it is here where some of the town’s precious structures and buildings are seen. For instance, The Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury and the Plume of Feathers Inn, both from the 15th century, are found within the Old City. There is also an ancient wide market here called the Guildhall.

The Old City serves as the gateway to the River Avon, a point where an uninterrupted sight of the famed cathedral is seen. Another property for cathedral-viewing is the garden of the Rifles Museum, where there is also a water meadow that sits near the River Avon. Salisbury also takes pride in The Lamer Tree Gardens, the town’s very first privately-owned garden that permits public entry. There is a Roman Temple here, an open-air theater, and a sanctuary for peacocks, pheasants, and birds of rare kinds. For viewing exotic animals, head to Cholderton Charlies Rare Breeds Farm, where breeds dating hundred years back are the highlights.

When entering Salisbury, the most ideal airports are the London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport, Southampton Airport, and Bristol International Airport. What’s nice about visiting Salisbury is that it can be one’s entry point nearby attractions such as Stourhead which is named as one of Europe’s finest 18th-century garden;  Old Wardour Castle, an imposing 14th-century castle; and Wilton House which is the perfect example of an elegant Baroque architecture.