Exmoor National Park, England

This Is Where Your Rural Escape Begins

Tucked in the southwest region of the United Kingdom in the counties Somerset and Devon is Exmoor, one of the most popular National Parks of Britain. Blending perfectly in the bright, blue skies are heath and moorland which dominate the vast 267 sq mile awesome landscape.   From spotting the region’s rarest flora and fauna and close encounter with the wildlife to feasting on hearty local dishes and touring in its quaint villages, Exmoor overflows with impressive attributes for you to enjoy.

There are extensive things to do in Exmoor National Park. Dunkery Beacon is here, the highest point of Somerset which is a haven for hikers and climbers. The easy climb leads to the majestic views across Wales, and if it is your lucky day, you may even have a rare opportunity with a wild red deer. It is also in Exmoor where the country’s smallest parish church sits, a structure that is worth seeing. The park is also proud to have the country’s longest clapper bridge, the Tarr Steps, known for its smooth circular trails. For a more laid-back experience, the tourist-famous Lyntonn and Lynmount Villages welcome you were cruising in its gentle rivers and sight-seeing the surrounding cliffs are some of the major highlights. There is a long list to see and do in this park which makes Exmoor tourism continuously rise.

If you are the adventurous type, you will surely not pass up the Exmoor national park wildlife encounter. Roaming freely is the Exmoor ponies, while red deer can be spotted in the early mornings in remote areas and quiet hillsides. During October, most especially on sunset, you are very likely to hear stags roaring in their deep, hair-raising voice. The park is also the best spot to chance upon a peregrine falcon hunting a pigeon along the coast. The waterfalls here are a beauty, and with leaping salmon to accentuate the scene, the more this natural element becomes unbelievable. With all these within reach, you will never trade your Exmoor National Park experience to anything else.

Your retreat from the stress of urban life gets more exciting when you check out the line-up of Exmoor accommodations. Whether you want to camp under the starry, wide sky, or to stay on a leisurely high-end hotel, there is a temporary home ready to accommodate you when you spend the holiday here. Bed and breakfast, self-catering cottages, budget hostels, humble inns, and five-star hotels—you will find them all here and in the surrounding areas of Exmoor.

The Exmoor National Park holiday is an unwrapped gift you give yourself. You deserve to be in this place where all-natural wonders are seen and felt in every turn. Your rural escape begins in the marvelous land of Exmoor, and you will never forget all the amazing moments you have experienced here.