Where You Should Spend This Year’s Halloween ?

Halloween is one of the most anticipated events in the US. It is the time of the year when kids and adults alike wear their best costumes, may it be a scary headless man or a dashing superhero. Kids are overwhelmed with the treats they receive from one house to the next, while the grown-ups indulge in music, food and drinks alongside the Halloween concert staged in every corner. In the US, Halloween is a celebration of culture and tradition that will never fade despite the dominance of modern lifestyle. Here are the top ten best places to celebrate the Halloween in the US:


  • Salem, Massachusetts: The Festival Of The Dead, held in Salem, makes the town a popular place to have a spooky Halloween. Thousands upon thousands of visitors from all over the place visit the town to have a hair-raising experience—such an attraction that is unique only to Salem. Main events here include strange rituals, horrifying death customs, and a lot more.

The Festival Of The Dead, Salem

  • Las Vegas, Nevada: Being the US’s City Of Lights, Trick or Treating here is no doubt one of the country’s best. Apart from this, Asylum and Hotel Fear are two of the most famous scary attractions in the US today, and no Halloween fanatic goes home without having a hair-standing experience there.

Halloween in Las Vegas

  • Snowmass Village, Colorado: Skeletons and bones are littered here in this mountain town, and as the sun goes down, the sound of howling wolves becomes the prominent feature along the Divide Road. But come day time, the town offers upbeat and exciting opportunities for dogsled rides and local beers.

Halloween Snowmass Village, Colorado

  • Chatham, Massachusetts: Kate Gould Park is well-decorated with spooky pumpkins in all sizes, making this town one of America’s most-visited during the Halloween. The pumpkins are dressed in different characters which make the sight even more colorful and interesting. Adults, on the other hand, enjoy the music, food and drinks on the celebration of the Octoberfest which also happens in the park.

Chatham Halloween

  • Chicago, Illinois: Being the home of the infamous Al Capone add a dash of horrifying gangster reputation in this town. There’s The Basement Of The Dead in the nearby Aurora, where the actors’ costumes and make-up and the production’s sound, light and visual effects deliver realistic scenes of horror and suspense. There’s also a haunted Bachelor’s Cemetery where a White Lady is often making its presence felt.

Chicago Halloween Events-Great-Highwood Pumpkin Festival

  • Harbor Springs, Michigan: Harbor Springs is a fine tourist destination in Michigan, but this town becomes livelier and more upbeat as the Halloween approaches. The streets become alive courtesy of Community Halloween Parade where kids and adults alike are in their best costumes. Tourists get to enjoy the local scenery, culinary, music, and drinks as parties and concerts are staged in every turn.

americas best towns for halloween harbor springs michigan

  • Manhattan, New York: The Village Halloween Parade requires the shutting down of roads in the lower Manhattan, where both locals and tourists in their costumes and Halloween related stuff come to streets to march and have fun. The parade has been a part of the New York culture since the 1970s and is still considered one of the most famous and highly anticipated events of the city.

Village Halloween Parade Manhattan

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