Oulanka National Park, Finland

Find Out Why Oulanka In Finland Is Worth Visiting

If you happen to visit Finland, do not dare miss one of the country’s most talked-about parks, the Oulanka National Park found in the borders of Kuusamo county and Salla county. The stunning scenery is defined by the region’s foggy forests, smooth-flowing rapids, and rare wildlife all enough to convince you why you should go and see it and wallow in its beauty for a little while. Oulanka National Park is the perfect escape to serenity, where Mother Nature’s abundant blessings unfold right before your eyes.

Topping the list of Oulanka National Park things to do is to conquer the challenging yet astonishing landscape of Karhunkierros Trail and witness its rapid, powerful waters.  Because the park offers a good deal of hiking trails, Oulanka hiking activities are very popular here. Do not think twice on the hanging bridge as, towards the end, the sight of the most beautiful waterfalls of Finland unveils. For instance, when you get to see the Kiutaköngäs Falls, you will fall in love with it.

There are several more waterfalls in the park and the sound of its cascading waters is such music to the ears. Meanwhile, the cliffs of Rictikallo invite you to view an expanse of spectacular views. The Rictikallo cliffs are a famous spot because it has the best viewpoints along the trail. Another attraction not to miss is the Rupakivi Rock, a 5-meter rock that stands proud and mighty at the center of the River Savinajoki, where its interesting shape is believed to be the works of heat, rain, and ice over the years.

Notably, the park also serves as a sanctuary to a variety of plant and animal species including the wild and the endangered.  Because Oulanka has an enormous size of 290 km2 and its list of natural wonders seems endless, activities such as hiking, climbing, walking, cycling, and boating are the best ways to explore its pleasing qualities.

Hiking Oulanka is the best way to discover this part of the country, and even if it takes quite a few kilometers to reach Oulanka’s famous attractions, there’s no room for complaint once you have a glimpse of their captivating beauty. If you wish to stay a little longer, which is very likely once you realize how fortunate you are to be surrounded by the park’s awe-inspiring features, you will be delighted to know that Oulanka National Park camping is a common practice here. The roads to the park are relatively smooth and easy to navigate, so if you are already in the vicinity or somewhere in Kuusamo, go and visit Oulanka Finland and treat yourself to a pleasurable nature getaway.

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