Dartmoor, England

No tourist leaves Dartmoor without the anticipation of coming back

Dartmoor is one of England’s best-kept secrets and one of the most mesmerizing places on Earth. The landscape of captivating sights and natural elements never fail to awe; while its rugged open spaces offer varied exciting activities for everyone to enjoy. This destination promises numerous attractions and thrilling experiences which makes the holiday in Dartmoor hard to forget.

Dartmoor is located in Devon tucked between Plymouth and Exeter, quaint towns that are worth exploring as well.  Getting to Dartmoor, whether by car, by rail, or by bus, is pretty much a breeze. The roads leading to this enchanting place are smooth and easy to navigate, so reaching all corners of Dartmoor is never a problem. Without a doubt, the best way to see all of its wonders is by foot. Accommodations are aplenty– from the traditional inn to chic bed and breakfast, from humble hostel to self-catering cottages–there is something to match varied interests and lifestyles.

Outdoor activities are never boring here in Dartmoor. One of the most-visited here is the South West Lakes Trust where most of the stunning lakes in the region are found, where fishing, sailing, kayaking, boating, and water-fun activities are carried out. Not to miss is the Royal Oak at Meavy, a 15th-century church with attention-catching ceilings that now serves as a pub. Dartmoor is also a destination for children. For instance, The Ranger Ralph Club welcomes little ones aged 5-12 years old who want to explore nature and be up-close to rare wildlife. Because Dartmoor has pleasant weather to boot and all family members will have a great time touring and sight-seeing all its majestic beauty.

Only in Dartmoor can one experience an enchanting open garden, dramatic castles, and old-fashioned villages that allow travelers to journey back in time. Here is a destination of colorful contrast, where lively activities happen courtesy of steep wooded river valleys and the assemblage of stone circles, burial stones and stone rows; and laid-back happenings are explored through the region’s vast cultivated fields, rocky hills, and sparkling lakes. All these simultaneously happening together make this place the best spot for fun and adventure.

Dartmoor is a place that permits mortal to be familiar with all the Earth’s treasures and a place that allows everyone to witness how an unimaginable beauty comes to life. It is a giant playground for adventure-seekers, yet its soft features are enough to inspire the minds of writers, film-makers, and painters. Dartmoor is a promise of wonders, and no tourist leaves the place without planning of coming back.