West Virginia, USA

West Virginia is also called the Mountain State, as it is the only state that is completely nestled in the enchanting mountain ranges of Appalachians. With this distinct feature alone, it cannot be denied how scenic this Southern Region state is. Sitting between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Ohio River, West Virginia is the place for the great outdoors. Not only this state is blessed with natural wonders, but the region is also known for its colorful tradition and rich heritage. From scenic spots to historical towns, exploring West Virginia is worth it.

Being a laid-back region, West Virginia is ideal for a passive and relaxed vacation. Its many nature-inspired attractions include the Blackwater Falls State Park, New River Gorge National River, and Monongahela National Forest, destinations where camping, hiking, fishing, and boating can be carried out. Being famous tourist destinations, these three popular nature spots also sprawl of inns, restaurants, and souvenir shops to complete the visitors’ nature trip.

Golf enthusiasts found a paradise in West Virginia, as this state is known to have the most incredible golf courses in the country. It is in West Virginia where the United States’ first organized golf club was established. Conversely, when it comes to ski resorts, West Virginia is surely a winner, as it is where Snowshoe Mountain is located. The famous ski resort is highly-recognized and voted as one of the best ski resorts in the country. There are also pools, play zones, and snow tubes in this ski resort which makes it an ideal place for all ages.

Touring West Virginia is not complete without heading to the New River Gorge Bridge. This is where a two-hour leisurely walk takes place, in the surroundings of a breath-taking backdrop. The walk allows visitors to fully witness a full range of scenic sights West Virginia is proud of. Meanwhile, the Summersville Lake is not only a sought-after venue for canoeing and kayaking, but it is also the best spot to view the enchanting West Virginia sunset, as well as historical structures such as The Lighthouse.

West Virginia is also home to some of the region’s best-tasting wines, and to visit the thriving wineries of the state adds enjoyment to the trip. Forks of Cheat Winery in Morgantown, Kirkwood Winery in Summersville, and Roane Vineyards in Spencer are only some of the local wineries that gladly welcome visitors in their vineyards and breweries. And if tasting wine is part of the trip, trying out traditional Appalachian cuisine must be experienced as well. The pepperoni roll is a traditional West Virginian dish, which was created in 1927 as a miner’s lunch. Brook trout, the state fish, is always part of the local menu and this is not to be missed as well.

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