Maryland, USA – “America in Miniature”

Visiting Maryland is like touring the entire USA because it represents everything that the entire country offers: provinces and cities, bodies of water and rugged mountains, historic districts, and commercial centers. While touring all these attractions, you will confirm that indeed, Maryland deserves the title “America in Miniature.”
Fantastic awaits you and your family in Maryland, where all of its attractions cater to different ages with varied interests. If your hometown is far from Maryland, you will enter the state via a plane travel. Baltimore-Washington International Airport welcomes your arrival, and this is where your extraordinary adventure begins. Baltimore collects almost all of Maryland’s interesting tourist spots, so commencing your trip here is an excellent idea. Host of numerous museums, history, and art that aid in molding Maryland is mostly the subjects of their display. Baltimore Inner Harbor, the host of Seadog Cruises, leads you to the historic spots that encircle the harbor. Dining out in one of the fashionable restaurants within the premises is the perfect way to cap the day.
A historic place and a grand park rolled into one, Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park is a place where you can learn of Maryland’s relevant past while roaming around its beautiful landscapes. But if the spectacle of nature is what you want to see, head to Deep Creek Lake Area, one of the state’s in-demand tourist destinations. Committed to protecting the island’s beauty, it is here where bird-watching, hunting, fishing, kayaking, beach-lounging, or simply admiring nature happens. Another popular spot is the Brookside Gardens, and because every corner of this tourist destination has a display of picturesque scenery, be sure that your camera is always ready to capture every detail of its beauty. There is also this man-made lake called Deep Creek Lake Area, another popular tourist spot in Maryland where your family can carry-out outdoor activities such as swimming, water-skiing, wakeboarding, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling.
Part of the exploration is tasting the local cuisine, and here, you should not dare miss the freshest catch from the Chesapeake Bay. The Soft Shell Blue Crab, classified as a high-class dish served in fine restaurants not only in Maryland but all over the world, definitely serves as the highlight of your food adventure. The nightlife is worth checking out as well, and if you are up for some after-the-sun fun, head to metropolitan areas such as Silver Spring, Bethesda, and of course, Baltimore.
Maryland has got all your interests covered. With so many attractions to see and activities to enjoy, there’s a jam-packed of thrilling moments waiting for you in this state. May your visit be for a single-day tour or a much-deserved vacation, your Maryland visit grants you moments hard to forget.
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