Indiana, USA

If you find yourself in the Midwest region of the USA, stop for a while and allow yourself to experience what this part of the country, particularly Indiana, offers. Having Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Illinois as its borders, Indiana is a place that will surely take you by surprise. Here, there are tons of sights, activities, and adventures to highlight the trip, and the boundless opportunities will keep your itinerary packed and loaded.
If your entry point to the marvelous getaway is the Indianapolis International Airport, then what better way to start your adventure but explore the city where you first landed—Indianapolis. Here is where your traditional sight-seeing takes place, only with a twist. Get acquainted with some of the most important events in the country’s history by visiting museums and galleries, then head to Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall of Fame Museum to learn about the story behind the state’s racing industry that has been around for more than 100 years. Cap off the day in Indianapolis’ urban oasis, the White River State Park where you can have that much-deserved relaxing and unwinding moment.
The city attractions and urban establishments will fill you up, that is why it is best to experience Indiana’s out-of-the-city destinations to balance the trip. If you happen to have a limited time and have to choose just one spot to see, it has got to be Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and nothing else. Known for its scenery and solitude, your destination assures you of a wonderful time scouting for some rare species, basking on sandy beaches and hiking in its dunes, wetlands, quiet rivers, and lush forests. You are in for more interesting attractions in this part of Indiana in the likes of Portage Lakefront, West Beach, Kemil Beach, Porter Beach, Miller Woods Trail, Calumet Dune Trail, and the Swedish Historic District.
Aside from top attractions, Indiana is also home to some of the country’s live events and you are truly fortunate if you happen to witness a couple of these during your trip. Indiana State Fair, the biggest summer festival of the state, happens in mid-August; while Harvest Homecoming Festival, the biggest festival in the south, commences in mid-October. Eating out seals your Indiana adventure, and you will notice that there is no hard time in searching for good food here. Being a tourist destination, numerous restaurants have sprawled in its dining scenes, ranging from local eateries to internationally-known restaurants. But what completes the experience is savoring the authentic and unusual mid-western dishes such as corn casserole, which has been getting raves from tourists with discerning tastes.
Indiana is by far one of the best destinations to beat in the Midwest region of the country. From the upbeat life of the city to the more relaxed activities in the rural regions, from shopping malls to nature parks, Indiana has got it all for you. Do not hesitate to stop by in this scenic and energetic region, as touring Indiana can be one of your best adventures ever.