Nebraska, USA

If you have been planning a vacation, do not hesitate to include Nebraska in your choices of places to visit. Situated in the Great Plains region of the United States, Nebraska is a promise of a wonderful and memorable getaway courtesy of the unique attractions and engaging activities in store for all family members.      If you find yourself in the big cities such as Lincoln, the capital, or Omaha, the largest city, then these points can serve as your first destinations in the Nebraska getaway. Lincoln is the proud home of the State University and just by being in its premises is already a delightful experience. The State Capitol, Lincoln Children’s Museum, Museum of Nebraska History, and Thomas P Kennard House are only some of the attractions you should not dare miss in Lincoln. When it is your turn to visit Omaha, set a time to see Omaha’s Joslyn Art Museum, Lauritzen Gardens, Opera Omaha, and The Durham Museum, as well as the Old Market District where entertainment, shopping, and restaurants are at its finest. Henry Doorly Zoo, found in this side of the state, is regarded as the top zoo in the United States that will surely render happiness and delight to your little ones. 
It is not a secret how great nature-tripping can be in Nebraska, so if you are a nature lover ever since or your family is craving for the great outdoors, this state is the best place to be. You can start in Nebraska’s biggest lake, Lake Lake McConaughy, and have a relaxing time while beach-lounging, swimming, camping, and fishing in the surrounds of its white-sand beaches. Niobrara National Scenic River, the top recreation river of the state, is equally popular due to the wonderful activities it hosts, including cruising along the river, hiking its scenic trails and bird-watching in Fort Niobrara. Ponca State Park is worth visiting, as this is where your family will have the chance to engage in various outdoor activities and wildlife encounters. The park’s 20 miles of trail is ideal for cyclers, campers, backpackers and hikers.
Did you know that the popular drink Kool-Aid originated in Nebraska, and that is why this is the official drink of the state? The state is also known as “The Beef State” because most of its traditional cuisine comprises of meat as the main ingredient. And because Nebraska has become a prime tourist destination, several hotels have sprawled in its cities, most especially in the places where tourist attractions are heavy. Needless to say, finding a place to sleep and dine is never a hassle if you are going to spend the holidays in the beautiful region of Nebraska State.
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