The incredible Seattle Underground – Seattle, Washington

The downtown of Seattle, Washington may be a bustling city, but what is underneath has its own story to tell. The Seattle Underground is a series of underground basements and passageways situated right below the busy Pioneer Square. Because of its interesting past and great relevance in history, the peculiar Underground Seattle always belongs to the list of places to visit when touring the big city.
Visiting the Seattle Underground will be of waste if the history of this unusual tourist attraction is not revealed. To fully understand and appreciate the beauty that lies within the basement, a guided tour is the best way to do it. The tour guide narrates the relevant part of the basement and talks about how the Seattle Underground came to be. Being a popular attraction, the Seattle Underground tour has been entertaining millions of tourists from all over the globe every year.
It all started when a big fire destructed the city of Seattle in 1889. At the end of that unfortunate day, the fire was dead and so was the city. Because 31 blocks were damaged, signs of recovery were slim. When the leaders agreed to reconstruct the city, it was a mandate to elevate the ground two stories higher. In the end, a new city was built on the surface of the damaged, burnt city.
Pedestrians did not cease to use the burnt city beneath the newly constructed city, the reason why merchants continued to conduct their businesses below. But that did not last for long, for in 1907, all the underground settlers had to leave for the fear of bubonic plague. From then on up to 1965, the underground city was left to deteriorate. The abandoned underground was then used for various illegal businesses such as gambling and opium trade.
The famous underground tour started in 1965 courtesy of Bill Speidel who took visitors underneath the bustling Pioneer City. The tour started to capture the world’s attention and slowly, curious tourists all over the world started pouring in. The popularity of the uncommon tour paved the way for the refurbishment of the underground city to make the atypical attraction aesthetically appealing. Formally named Seattle Underground Tour, this feature has become one of the in-demand attractions in the city of Seattle.
A relaxed, leisurely walking tour beneath the main roadways starts inside Doc Maynard’s Public House, a refurbished 1890s saloon. The tour covers three blocks of the underground city which ends in Rogues Gallery, the official gift and souvenir shop of the underground tour. The tour comprises of six flights of stairs, some dim lighting and uneven terrain, so it is better to wear something comfortable for this kind of tour. The trip has a casual feel and most of the time, has a hilarious touch courtesy of the witty tour guides with humorous personalities.