Places to visit in Boston, USA – Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Since it was established in 1742, Faneuil Hall Marketplace has been named Boston’s premier marketplace and meeting hall. Regarded as “the Cradle of Liberty,” Faneuil Hall Marketplace has become a part of Boston National Historical Park and has been rated highly in the prestigious Forbes Traveler. With countless visitors it welcomes each year, Faneuil Hall Marketplace is no doubt one of Boston’s most important destinations.
Sitting in the waterfront near the Government Center, the reputed marketplace has all the reasons why people never get tired of visiting this place. There is probably no place like this in Boston, where shopping, entertainment, dining, and history happen in one roof. When it was built, it served as a trading place for merchants and buyers, and decades after, it still preserves the purpose of its existence. Indeed, this endearing Boston landmark is a haven for retailers and shoppers.
When political turmoil grew in the late 1700s, Faneuil Hall Marketplace adopted a new purpose–the center of the revolution. Immaculate speeches of Samuel Adams and James Otis were heard within the walls of the marketplace. When the war ended, it is in Faneuil Hall Marketplace where George Washington toasted for America’s first year of independence. From the significant personalities of the past up to the most influential persons of today, Faneuil Hall Marketplace played host to their political beliefs and social advocacies.
Because Faneuil Hall Marketplace is part of the Boston Freedom Trail, it is impossible to miss this marketplace when sight-seeing Boston. As a shopping destination, Faneuil Hall Marketplace houses interesting products that define Boston’s culture and an old soul in the form of homemade crafts, local delicacies, traditional gifts, and other exotic specialties. Three long granite buildings called North Market, South Market, and Quincy MarketMore are selling more of the Boston classics.
A relaxing stroll in Faneuil Hall Marketplace becomes upbeat as street performers such as magicians, mimes, artists, jugglers, and street-corner musicians give extraordinary entertainment for the visitors to enjoy. Every floor of Faneuil Hall Marketplace has its distinct characters: the first floor is dedicated to shops, retail, and restaurants; the second floor is for meetings and events, and the third floor for museum and armory. With unlimited excitement it offers, Faneuil Hall Marketplace is an absolute must in the Boston getaway.
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