Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

The Tivoli Gardens, of simply Tivoli, is the famous amusement park of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was opened in 1843 and it is the second oldest amusement park in the world next to Dyrehavsbakkenn of Klampenborg. But the recognition of Tivoli does not stop there. With over 4 million visitors it attracts per year, it becomes the most visited amusement park in the Scandinavian region, the fourth most visited in Europe, and one of the most seasonal amusement parks in the world.
Right from the beginning, Tivoli offered a wide array of attractions in the aim to grant gratifying experience to its visitors. From the start, there were already mechanical amusement rides, exotic gardens, a theatre, bandstands, eateries and cafes, and illuminated lamps. In recent times, quite a lot has changed, except for the wooden roller coaster, the “Rutsjebanen,” which is one of the oldest of its kind in the world. Similarly, the services have become better and a bunch of attractions is added. Fireworks lighted in the Tivoli’s lake is regarded as the highlight of the Tivoli experience, making it the much-awaited happening in the amusement park. With so much to do and experience in Tivoli, this park is surely not just for kids, but for people of all ages.
Among the many rides in Tivoli, the most famous are the Zero-G Coaster, the world’s biggest carousel named Himmelskibet, and a ride simulator called Vertigo. For the adults, the Tivoli Concert Hall and the park’s romantic gardens have become the favorite spots. When the sun hides to rest and the dark sky appears, more than 12000 pieces of lights are employed to illuminate Tivoli, making the stroll in the park a romantic experience. The happenings in Tivoli adapts to the many events joyfully celebrated in Copenhagen. For instance, “Halloween In Tivoli” happens in the last week of October, and “Christmas in Tivoli” comes to life during the holiday month of December. It is important to mention as well that the park has its windmill which provides the entire park renewable wind energy.
Because the park is popular, there are quite a good number of transportation services that stop there. With lots of signs leading to Tivoli, no one will ever get lost in getting there. Kids under three years of age are free to enter the park while adults have to pay a certain amount to get in. The entrance fee only covers the visit to the gardens and the stroll to the park, for there are separate fees to be paid for the amusement rides.
With all these features packed together, there is no denying that Tivoli is more than just an amusement park. This treasure right in the heart of Copenhagen serves as a relevant part of history and culture that creates a unique combination of infinite thrill and traditional appeal.
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