Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay, USA

Busch Gardens Tampa, or simply known as Busch Gardens, is a 335-acre animal theme park found in Florida, in the city of Tampa. This privately-owned zoo and amusement center plays host to around 3000 animals of various species and kinds. What used to be a hospitality center and brewery now grew into one of the most-visited theme parks not just in this part of the United States but also around the world.
Busch Gardens started its operations in 1959 as a hospitality facility where beer tasting, beer garden and brewery entertainment were the main features. The growth of the business made the establishment expand with a new feature, the Serengeti Plains. It is an open 29-acre space where African wildlife roams freely. The new facility even enticed more visitors, that is why the business-focused more on its tropical landscape, exotic animals, and natural amusement. 
Busch Gardens became even bigger, where entertainment means a thrilling ride in a roller coaster that made the Busch Gardens even popular. Now, operated by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, Busch Gardens got accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquarium and confidently competes with other theme parks in Florida. With over 4 million visitors it generates, Busch Gardens is included in the top 20 of the most-visited theme parks in the United States and is part of the top 25 most-toured theme parks across the globe.
Busch Gardens have themed areas for showcasing different African interests. Each themed area is equipped with fascinating rides that can be enjoyed by all ages. Morocco, found in the park’s main entrance, has a wooden roller coaster called Gwazi and some gliders called Gwazi Gliders. Stanleyville is where SheiKra, a 61-meter floorless coaster is found. It is also where Stanley Falls Flume, a log flume, and Tanganyika Tidal Wave, an amazing 55-foot drop water ride is experienced. Congo has the park’s two most popular rides: Kumba a 44-meter roller coaster with seven inversions, and the Congo River Rapids. 
Wild and rare animals can be observed up close in Busch Gardens. The Nairobi section is where one can be up-close with alligators and crocodiles. Meanwhile, Jungala is also about animal encounters, water play areas for the kids, zip lines, and jungle life. The Crown Colony Plaza, the smallest section of the park, plays host to restaurants, museums, souvenir shops, and the Skyride station. The Egypt section of the park is also where one can buy hand-made crafts and unique souvenir items.
Busch Gardens, whether the start or the end of the Florida holiday, is truly a fascinating treat. May the Florida vacation is about a family getaway or an intimate escapade for couples, stopping in Busch gardens and taking in all the fun it offers is a sure way to make the Florida trip unforgettable.