Hong Kong Disneyland, China

Hong Kong Disneyland is sitting on reclaimed land in Lantau Island. It opened its magical world on September 12, 2005 and together with Ocean Park, Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the country’s gems when it comes to tourist destinations. With spectacular attractions and thrilling rides, people from near and far are enticed to go to this enchanting theme park. With over 25 million visitors it has entertained since its opening, Hong Kong Disneyland makes it as one of the most-visited attractions in Hong Kong and the whole of Asia.
The theme park occupies a huge space that measures 49.9 hectares, very much enough to accommodate the estimated 35,000 visitors it generates daily. The visitors are in for maximum enjoyment the moment they step on the grounds of Hong Kong Disneyland. Children and adults alike are delighted to be in the ‘’Happiest Place on Earth’’ courtesy of its exciting rides, colorful shows, lovely surroundings, and most of all, the famous Disney characters that visitors can get up-close and personal with.
Hong Kong Disneyland has seven divisions: Main Street, USA, Fantasyland, Adventure Land, Tomorrowland, Mystic Point, Grizzly Gulch and Toy Story Land—all boasting of rides and attractions in-line to the theme they are portraying. Two of the most-popular divisions are the Toy Story Land and the Grizzly Gulch. Toy Story Land is an attraction exclusive to Hong Kong. One of the famed rides here is the RC Racer that allows race-enthusiasts to pump their adrenaline as they race along a 27-meter-high U-shaped coaster. Slinky Dog Spin is a pleasurable ride for the little ones, while the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop is for the brave, adventurous individuals. Grizzly Gulch is also an attraction exclusive to Hong Kong Disneyland. Here, the journey to the amazing landscapes of the wilderness through ‘’runaway mine cars’’ is a fulfilling experience. The Grizzly Gulch Welcome Wagon Show should not be missed when in this area.
The Main Street comes to life when the Flight of Fantasy Parade kicks in. The parade is a much-awaited event in Hong Kong Disneyland where all the famous Disney characters—from Mickey Mouse to Woody—gather in one live show. Performers in colorful costumes and heart-pounding music make the parade even more astonishing. And the Castle of Sleeping Beauty, the massive, attractive palace sitting close to the entrance, becomes the last destination of visitors of Hong Kong Disneyland. As the clock strikes at 8 pm, magical firework displays are staged in the castle, making the dark Hong Kong sky beam and glitter with sparkles.
Hong Kong Disneyland is peppered with restaurants and food kiosks that are ready to satisfy hunger and thirst after a whole day of touring. Visitors can bring home the experience in the form of tokens and souvenirs being sold in the chain of shops found here. With so much to see, feel, and experience in the ‘‘Happiest Place on Earth,’’ Hong Kong Disneyland is a must when touring Hong Kong, one of Asia’s most popular destinations.