Trafalgar Square, London

Trafalgar Square is an open space in central London that serves as a tourist attraction in the City of Westminster. In every season, there are a lot of things to do and see in Trafalgar Square as it is rich in historical museums, fine galleries, nature parks, high-end shops, and upscale restaurants. Trafalgar Square highlights some of the important landmarks of London and certainly, this is one of the best and beautiful squares London has to offer. There is no other square in the world that can hold such remarkable beauty and take pride in its relevance in history.
London and Big Ben are synonymous with each other. Officially named as St. Stephen’s Tower, the Big Ben, London’s most recognized landmark, erects within the grounds of Trafalgar Square. Nelson’s Column is also found here, a landmark that gives tribute to Britain’s greatest Naval Commander. Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson led a fleet of 27 British Navy ships to fight a fleet of 33 French and Spanish ships. He was a significant instrument in defeating the enemy of superior strength without compromising any of the British Navy ships. 
The oldest Royal Park of the country is nicely sitting in Trafalgar Square. St. James Park, a stunning open space with a size of 58 acres, is a major attraction of the square. This park plays hosts to concerts, gardens, statues and monuments, cafes and pastry shops, and open-air theatre venue. Three palaces encircle St. James Park each boasting of distinct beauty–House of the Parliament or what used to be Westminster, St. James Palace and Buckingham Palace.
The official residence of Her Majesty, The Buckingham Palace, found a home in Trafalgar Square. This was initially built as townhomes, then it evolved into a 775-room palace that is today. The Throne Room and the Picture Gallery are free for the visitors to see, as well as the Ballroom, the largest area of the palace where state banquets are held. Sighted here are the Royal Collection’s greatest treasures and work of art including paintings by Canaletto, Rembrandt and Vermeer, and sculptures Chantrev and Canova. The garden of the palace has a majestic, perfectly-manicured landscape.
One of the world’s largest and most important museums in the British Museum that holds a collection of almost 7 million artifacts from each continent. This museum joins the rest of the relevant establishments, structures, and landmarks found in Trafalgar Square. London’s National Gallery is also established in the square, as well as Natural History Museum, Science Museum, and other museums that hold numerous collections of arts, documents, and photographs that depict the events of the past.