Reunion, French Territory in Africa

Reunion is an overseas territory of France in Africa, located on the Indian Ocean, on the eastern side of Madagascar Island. Reunion is known by many to be quite an enchanting destination-worthy a visit, thanks to its appealing volcanic landscapes and tropical climate. Its beautiful mountain scenery and sandy beaches are also reasons why you must consider paying Reunion a visit one of these days. The island has its capital in Saint-Denis city and all the lovely beaches are located in Saint- Gilles city. Saint-Leu city is well renowned as a surfing city and Saint Pierre is yet another very important city in Reunion as well as Saint Benoit and Etang Sale towns. Other destinations in Reunion worthy a visit are Cilaos, Mafate, Salazie, and Piton de la Fournaise. 
A notable celebration in Reunion is the anniversary of the slave trade abolition which locals celebrate during the La Fete Cafre festival. Due to the area’s history with slavery, gestures such as calling a local ‘slave’ can have serious repercussions and you need to beware of this. The present day’s population in Reunion is quite varied as the ethnic communications have their unique traditions.
Despite having close ties with France, Reunion is nonetheless not a designated Schengen area and that has its own rules when it comes to visas and immigration. Hiking trails are perhaps the best things in Reunion and the island has a surprising landscape. The plains, volcano, and cirques have been named as the French national natural park. For an awesome hiking experience, it is advisable that you go to Volcano and Mafate Cirque but you can get better guidance from local tour guides.
Guided island tours in Reunion are also offered by some airline and helicopter companies. Reunion is a great destination to explore thanks to its lovely mountainous scenery which offers a great place for outdoor activities. The beautiful surroundings of Reunion are also great as you can walk around and visit the local villages. Forest walks are also organized by locals as there is a land reforested just next to a local church where you will find numerous waterfalls, picnic spots, and pools. Notre Dame Des Neiges is a sacred architecture in Reunion and regarded as a jewel of the place. A spectacular sight at the island is Salazie that you will definitely want to visit and get to see its greenery surroundings and beautiful surroundings that are ideal for picnics.
The official language in Reunion is French and only a few people will understand English. For English travelers, Reunion is a great place to share your culture as you share their local food and drinks. Being a Eurozone, they use the euro as their trading currency. There are numerous shops and supermarkets where you can enjoy a shopping expedition but most of them do not open on Sunday. Traditional items are largely available in these shops including clothing, spices, and run, books on volcano eruptions as well as DVDs and local music. While the island is fairly safe, it is advisable that you travel in a way that thieves don’t find you attractive.