Castries, Saint Lucia

Castries traces its history in 1650 when the French found what was then to become the administrative capital of Saint Lucia. Castries is actually not a huge as such and its population is approximated to be about 11, 000. Generally speaking, Castries only receives a handful of visitors as the city doesn’t have a lot to offer in terms of tourism resources.
However, Saint Lucia in itself is a major tourism destination and Castries is actually the main gateway to the country. As such, even for tourists visiting other more interesting regions in Saint Lucia, they will still have to pass via Castries and then continue with their journey. Tourists will spend much of their time just wondering around in the city and appreciating its scenic such as cruise ships as the country is a major docking part especially in its northern regions.
Most tourists will visit Castries by means of cruise ships which have Point Seraphine as their docking spot. Getting around Castries is best done by the use of local bus services which is not just cheap but it is also an exciting way to tour the city. As noted, there is not so much to see in Castries but you can still expect to have your travel diary filled up during 2- 3 days vacation in the city. For instance, you will find most of the parents wandering around Jeremie Street as the local market is always very lively and offers a great experience.
Just next to the Government House, there is a great viewing point just over the local harbor that allows you to catch a clear view of Castries. Derek Walcott Square is best known for offering a great relaxation spot and visitors can as well continue to Vigie beach for some interesting activities. Castries is also known to offer an awesome shopping experience as the presence of many free shops at Pointe Seraphine means that most goods are relatively cheap. Another shopping hub in the city is La Place Carenage located along Jeremie Street. The busy and lively local market also has a lot of local goods especially handcrafts which makes it a must-visit while in Castries.
The city has numerous local eateries located all over the city and sell cheap cuisine. Derek Walcott Square has some cheap cafes with very friendly staff and you will a wide selection of local dishes and cuisines. The Rodney Bay Shopping is another exciting place to visit in Castries. The area has a nice beach and with the several restaurants and hotels found here, there is truly no shortage of great things to do here.
The Immaculate Conception Church is yet another key attraction in Castries and this religious site serves as one of the largest and most popular churches in the city. The Morne Fortune offers a fantastic view of the entire city. Sleeping facilities are not so many but there are affordable luxury suites and villas that will definitely make your trip to Castries worthy remembrance.
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