Cayenne, French Guiana

Located in French Guiana, Cayenne is a large city which also serves as the country’s capital. The city is situated at the crossroad of Europe and South America and for this fact, French Guiana is popularly known as the only region where inhabitants speak the English language in South America. Cayenne is characterized by variegated cultures and every aspect in the Caribbean seems to be represented in this city. The streets feature the colonial beaches that are nicely lined up with wrought iron and shutters with turquoise, yellow and pink paintings. The city has excellent Chinese, French, and Brazilian restaurants which make the city extremely pleasing, and having a meal in these wonderful restaurants is a dream comes true for many tourists.
Cayenne has quite a wide range of tourism resources that will undoubtedly keep you fully occupied during your holiday vacation in the city. The first item to catch your attention is the Remire- Montjoy. These two features are actually separate towns characterized by sweeping beaches that are some of the most comforting waterfronts that you would wish for. However, the only sad thing is that you might encounter some sand biting flies and have your experience ruined.
Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Montjoy is an awesome beach that is easily accessed by taxis or buses. The breezy waters at the beach are a key attraction for kite surfers but you need to carry your surfing gears along as there are no rentals nearby. The area is also endowed with some historical ruins near Fort Diamant. Le Rorota offers awesome hiking trails and stunning views of the entire city.
Touring the Couleurs Amazon is one of the exciting activities you can undertake in Cayenne as the guided tours are always very enjoyable. However, the jungles are known to impenetrable and might be very dangerous to undertake a tour to the area without an experienced tour guide. Thankfully, Cayenne has a number of reputable tour agencies, and finding a good tour guide shouldn’t be a problem as such. The area is good as an exploration spot for interested travelers.
The Cacao is another great place to visit and comprises of clear sparkling rivers, wooden houses and vegetable plantations that make the area enjoyable. The area mostly comprises of Hmong refugees and the peacefulness and safety of this town makes it a favorite weekend destination spot.
Sunday is a market day in Cayenne and you will be fascinated by the city as you shop for weaving and embroidery items that are sold at great prices. For museum lovers, the Musee Departmental is located centrally at the heart of the city and houses a wide range of preserved exhibits. You will also find an ethnobotanical display, local critters, and a butterfly room.
Several collections of Amerindian handicrafts are displayed at the museum as well. The city is also stoked with numerous food stalls where you will find the greasy hamburgers, friend Indonesian rice, delicious creeps, and some cheap sandwiches which are also available in the scattered supermarkets.
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