Situated in North Pacific, Micronesia consists of thousands of small islands and many independent and dependent states. Most of these islands and states are largely influenced by UAS and the islands were first settled about 3000 years ago. Today, Micronesia serves as an exceptional destination for scuba diving which has been made famous by WW11 relics. The islands in Micronesia are a collection of both commercial and remote tourist destinations consisting of the traditional cultures compounded by both Japanese and American lifestyle playgrounds.
The most popular island in Micronesia is Guam which receives an overwhelmingly large number of tourists than the rest. The trademark of this island consists of large hotels and shopping complexes as well as fine beaches that offer pure relaxation spots. The sparsest islands in South Pacific are the Kiribati Islands which are also found in Micronesia and contain tiny coral atolls. 
Tourists can also enjoy a perfect holiday vacation in northern Maranas that include the Saipan and Tinnian islands. Beyond the islands, the rest of Micronesia is taken over by remoteness and traditions where tourism activities are minimal. However, the area is also reputed for its enchanting spots especially in Palau Islands that include numerous limestone rocks that offer great places for scuba diving and sailing. There are also numerous archeological sites in Micronesia that make it a great destination for exploration.
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Unlike what most travelers tend to think, Micronesia is more than just a collection of some rough islands sharing an identity. Actually, these island states share more than just their historical occupation and oppression of different colonial powers. The islands have their distinct identities, cultures and traditions and are as diverse and colorful as the coral formations found in the fringing reefs available here. To start with, most visitors normally go to Chuuk to enjoy is popular wreck diving as swimmers go to explore what they refer to as underwater museum which offers one of the notable aquatic experiences.
The most traditional island in Micronesia is Yap and the Kosrae is a paradise on the Pacific Ocean and with no doubt the most beautiful and lively island of them all. The island of Pohnpei houses the mysterious ruins and other attractive landforms. Travelling to Micronesia will give you an opportunity of experiencing different lifestyles under one roof. The Kosraeans are actually true believers and it is a place where life seems to come to a dead end on Sundays where everyone focuses on vibrant all dancing, singing and never ending church ceremonies. It is definitely a place that you might not want to miss on a Sunday as you can join the locals in their singing.
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Yap is known to have retained its traditional culture in almost every aspect of its life. Their stone money, religions, customs and architecture are all a reflection of their traditions. Lastly, there is the island of Chuuk that no traveler seems to understand it. However, the island is currently making its debut as an international tourism destination.
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