Papua New Guinea

Papua Guinea is an attractive island with phenomenal sites that wait to be seen by its visitors. Papua Guinea has been a popular spot for international tourists. It is a fact that Papua New Guinea is an amazing travel destination. It is one of the Oceania groups of islands that situate themselves in the western part of the great Pacific Ocean bordering Australia to the northeast. Papua Guinea is not only an island but is also a territory of fully independent people thus calling the island the Republic of Papua Guinea.
   Attractions to see in this island are of many varieties and they would require many days to tour around this island to get to see these incredible features. For this reason, Papua Guinea’s tourism sector ensures that accommodations facilities are available and varied to suit the tourists to their vest possible accommodation preferences.
Tourist attractions in Papua New Guinea: 
Papua Guinea has its international airport called Jackson International Airport. This is the destination for every tourist that arrives at Papua Guinea Island from Australia, Philippines, Tokyo-Japan, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Solomon Islands, and Hong Kong-China. Tourists can alternatively board a ferry from Brisbane-Australia to Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.
Papua Guinea has several sites to be seen and admired by its tourists. Many of these sites include the following:
The eastern part of Papua New Guinea Island is a rich vegetative region that is favorable for hiking, water rafting, mountain climbing, and mountain biking. This part of the island has many great rivers namely; River Asaro, River Tua, River Ramy, River Lamari, and River Sonatina. Dense forests cover most of the region with their evergreen trees and underground plants. The mountains in the area let go of the monotony of the forests and make the region a significant haven of the island.
Simbu Province is a provocative beauty that any visitor will never turn away from it. Simbu is a mixture of natural and social-cultural beauties. The Simbu Mountains and the surrounding landscape create a nice scope for adventure. The Simbu-speaking people frequent this province, thus it is called a Simbu Province. A visit to their village gives an open insight into their rich culture and interesting history that binds the people to Papua New Guinea Island.
Port Moresby is the largest coastal harbor of Papua New Guinea Island. It is characterized by diving sites, a national park, picnic spots, and ferry stations where passengers can board and highlight ferries that travel to and from the harbor to ports in other states that share the Pacific Ocean with this island.
Get closer to fascinating sites like the pretty Madang Town with water bodies and parks, the historic Lae destination with beautiful flora gardens, the Hagen Mountain and Wahgi Valley of the western province and River Sepik that is one of the major rivers flowing in the island from the mountains into the ocean.
Activities that take place on this island are diving, surfing, scuba diving, nightclubbing, mountain-climbing, hiking, enjoying the rich local desserts, sight-seeing through guided tours around the island, and fishing in the ocean. Villas, beach resorts, and exotic hotels offer high-quality accommodation facilities to spend nights in this splendid island.
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