Managua, Nicaragua

Nicaragua boasts of having Managua not just the largest city in the country but also it’s capital city. Currently, Managua has a population of about 1.8 million people, largely dominated by the whites and mestizos. As such, Managua ranks second when it comes to the most populous Central American cities after the city of Guatemala. The city of Managua enjoys a strategic positioning between its two rival cities; Granada and Leon. Due to this, the city became the obvious capital of the nation which also gives it a strategic advantage even tourism wise. While Managua is currently establishing itself as a top tourism destination city in Central America, the city’s economy is largely based on trade especially coffee and cotton. 
Managua city has been at the center of politics in Nicaragua. In both 1931 and 1972, the city was almost most brought to its knees by devastating earthquakes but has since then made a tremendous recovery. Managua is an important city in the country and it is the industrial, commercial, political, economic, and cultural and tourism center of Nicaragua. As a tourist in Managua city, there are some parts that are very dangerous and which you shouldn’t think about setting a foot in them. One area is the Bario Martha Quezada where most foreign tourists have been killed in daylight robberies and night gang attacks. Gunshots and knifing are not a surprise here as the area is a hub of drug users that has led to lawlessness in the region.
Except on the issue of safety, Managua is an ultimate destination for budget travelers. The cost of transportation, food, and hotels are extremely economically friendly. High-end restaurants in the city do not charge tourists a leg and an arm like other European cities do and you can expect to save much during your holiday vacation. Additionally, there is also quite a wide range of tourist attractions that could also be of interest to you such as the Catedral de Managua and Palacio Nacional. Country’s old Palace has been converted to a museum and holds some very beautiful cultural and arts exhibits. Rotonda Ruben Dario, Tiscapa Lagoon, and Huellas de Acahualinca are also other attractions that will keep you busy as well.
The New Cathedral in Managua city is a catholic church that is very fascinating with mosque like roofs. The Parque de la Paz monument is used as a commemoration of the Peace that the country enjoys. If you like gambling, casinos in Managua will give you a great treat as there are many small and large casinos distributed all over the city. In fact, casinos have largely been blamed for the insecurity experienced in the city alongside the drug issue. You can also play billiards as there are several great pool places in the city where you can also get some great snacks. There are several theatres in Managua where you can catch some great Latin American movies. However, above everything else, watch your security as outsiders and tourists are often targeted by criminals.