Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is a huge city in Belgium and serves as the economic, financial, cultural, and administrative hub of the country. The city is quite famous as most European Institutions are headquartered here and make the city amazingly cultural rich. With the city being home to an approximate population of 1 million, it is one of the most visited destinations in the European Union. Since the 19th Century, the city has served as the capital of Belgium which led to the destruction of most of the old towns which led to the establishment of brand new, modern palaces, army barracks, office buildings, and education institutions. There are nineteen municipalities in Brussels which house beautiful and charming attractions that are a must-see. 
There is Brussels which acts as a free tourism guidebook and highlights key attractions in the area and any other vital information regarding travel to the city. You will find names of the various restaurants, attractions, and shops within and around the city and this will make your travel much more convenient and easy. A significant proportion of attractions in Brussels comprise of the landmarks which are many and distributed all over the city. Ranging from the Grand Place Grote Markt and Manneken Pis to Atomium and the Bourse, Brussels offers unlimited attractions for foreigners to see and enjoy. There is a Statue of Europe at the heart of the city and the Unity of Peace sculpture is a symbol for everlasting peace in the entire region of the European Union. 
Another attractive portion in Brussels comprises of museums and galleries with exhibits of both traditional and modern art. Some of the most notable museums are such as the BEL vue museum, the Natural Sciences Museum, Horta Museum, Autoworld, and many others. While the European Union doesn’t have a capital officially, Brussels is largely seen to be its capital as it is a haven of activities and institutions concerning the EU. Some of these institutions like the European Parliament, European Commission, and the European Council have become key attractions in the city as well. 
The Cantillon Brewery offers a good platform to gain first-hand information about in this part of the world. There are specific tours organized for traveling the brewery and getting to learn about the natural process of yeast fermentation which is not common. For real beer lovers, this will be a great opportunity to take home a couple of bottles and be marveled by the awesome taste of the beer.
Brussels is also a city where numerous tours are organized ranging from architectural tours and city tours to bike tours and many others. Cinemas are located all over the city and mostly show French films even though you will also find films from other parts of the world. If you are a cinema fanatic, you should search for Actors Studio, Cinema Nova, Arenberg, and Vendome among others. Lastly, The Bozar is a building that you must see and possibly enter as it is the cultural heart of Brussels comprising numerous exhibitions, cinemas, concert halls, and movie theatres.