Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

As the chief port of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Kingstown is the major commercial and capital center of the region. The settlement is relatively highlighted populated than other areas in Saint Vincent and Grenadines with slightly more than 25 000 people. It is the main entry port for tourists in the area and the agricultural center for the island. 
Kingstown city mainly exports bananas, arrowroot, and coconuts especially to the UK. This city features numerous shops, markets, and dining places. Partially sitting on a reclaimed land, Kingstown is home to some very important buildings like Financial Complex which houses major government offices like the Prime Minister and his deputy. Most of the government departments/ ministries call Kingstown their home as well as the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court making it the most important city on the Island. 
Kingstown also houses the oldest botanical garden in Western Hemisphere that was established in 1765 and contains great flora such as the Breadfruit tree. Kingstown is in itself very lively consisting of historical churches, stone buildings, and spectacular arches that make it one of the most famous tourist destination areas. In addition, you will also find a cruise ship facility known as Cruise ship Berth which has been a great favorite for many vessel operators. As such, ship calls at the facility are always on a high level and comes with a large number of passengers most of who are tourists exploring the island.
The main tourist attraction in Kingstown is the Botanical Garden, Saint Vincent. The beautiful, green, colorful, and lush gardens host numerous tropical plants, birds, trees, and flowers. The gardens sit on a 20 acres land and majorly used started as a breeding center for plants and provide locals with medicinal plants and improve livelihoods. Fort Charlotte in Kingstown is one of the historic forts at the island and overlooking Kingstown city, the fort offers spectacular views of the entire region. During colonial times, the fort houses more than 600 troops as well as more than 30 canons that were sued for defense against the Caribs.
There is also a Catholic Cathedral in Kingstown which attracts a large number of tourists thanks to its interesting architectural styles that date back to the 1800s. Later on in 1877, a sanctuary and steeple were added to the cathedral giving it even more glorification. The massive renovations made to the cathedral have resulted in the presently electrifying architectural style. Another cathedral is the St. George’s Anglican Cathedral in Kingstown that was also erected in the 1800s and bears stained impressive glass windows. There are still some other few attractions in Kingstown city including museums as well.
Touring the city can easily be done using the city bus services and there is even a bust terminal at the heart of Kingstown. Also, the two islands of the Grenadine and Saint Vincent are connected to one another through ferry services which dock at the Grenadine wharf. With many awesome attractions and hospitable locals, Kingstown city should undoubtedly be your next holidaying spot.