American Samoa

Lying on the Pacific Ocean, the American Samoa consists of several islands that make this America’s unincorporated territory. The people living in American Samoa are regarded as nationals of the US but not citizens of America. Nevertheless, they are allowed free travel between mainland US and American Samoa. What this means that the nationals of American Samoa do not require visas and green cards to live and work in America. However, American Samoa has some rather distinguishing cultural norms from those of America especially those touching on displaying religion in public and property ownership. 
While the major city in American Samoa in Pago Pago, the constitutional seat of the government is Fagatogo with the office of the governor being in Utulei village. The main island in American Samoa in Tutuila. Another region here is Ofu which boasts to possibly have the loveliest beaches in Sothern Pacific thanks to its dramatically sparkling sandy and white beaches which contain many crabs, just for your information. Other regions in American Samoa that you might consider visiting include Swains Island, Rose Island, Olosega and Tau, and Pago Pago which the national capital city.
The first stopover for most visitors to American Samoa is the Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary which houses a broad range of tropical fishes such as the damselfish, parrotfish, and the butterflyfish alongside numerous sea creatures including crabs, octopus, sharks, and lobster. The American Samoa National Park is also worth a visit even though it doesn’t have much to offer as such.
Natives in American Samoa talk the Samoan language but most people are English speakers as well and most of them are bilingual. A key attraction to be found here is the flower pot or Fatu ma Futi which stands tall in the mini island and houses many fruit bats and exotic birds. The Tonga Beach is a must-visit but remember to carry along your snorkel to explore the areas pristine coral reefs that beautifully fringe on the shores. You can access the beach from Tisa’s Barefoot Bar and Grill but don’t expect to find showers here. There are many locally operated kiosks and shops where you can buy a wide range of things especially the traditional wooden weapons and some handmade clothes.
There are many eating places in American Samoa especially in Tutuila that is home to many fine restaurants and fast food joins. Most of these restaurants provide a wide range of cuisines ranging from American and Japanese cuisines to Chinese, Polynesian, and Italian cuisines. All the islands in American Samoa provide hotel-style sleeping facilities apart from Olosega. During your visit to American Samoa, you should be very careful as there are many stray dogs here that could attack you. Also, during your visit, you should carry along your medications as you might not find supplies here. The crime rate in American Samoa is low but when swimming at the beaches, you should stay safe from rip tides that can easily sweep you away.