Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon ceased from being the capital for Myanmar in 2005. Nevertheless, the city has not only continued to be an economic hub but also the main gateway for tourists and other visitors entering the country. With its unique upcountry tourist destinations, the city remains one of the most distinctive travel spots in Asia especially on the southeastern parts.
Besides having an inspiring, high profile religious monument, it is quite a pity that such a great city has been isolated internationally with tourists only going to Yangon when they have some extra time to spare during their trip. Nevertheless, tourists who have taken the bother to spend a day or two in Yangon will tell you that its colorful, vibrant streets alongside its unique setting will give you unforgettable memories of this destination.
Yangon is a very friendly urbanity consisting of open-air, sometimes very hectic markets, and a place where you can get a taste of unfamiliar cuisine. The centerpiece of attraction in Yangon is the Shwedagon Paya which is quite stunning. The golden stupa is easily visible when you are at any place in the city. The historical streets in Yangon are a constant reminder of British occupation of the land during the colonial era. The architecture is simply breathtaking and will get you involved as you gave at the great building’s towers in the city. With no cosmetic renovations done on the city, the historical city treats this as its treasure. The population in the city is diverse and western ex-pats, Indians, Burmese, and Chinese alongside others have made Yangon their home.
Yangon has numerous parks like the zoological gardens, People’s park, Inya Lake, and Kandawgyi Lake which are all worthy of your time. The National Museum in Yangon is a must-visit also and even though it has a pathetic architecture that doesn’t reflect modern architecture in any way, exhibits at the museum are something to nod about. The Strand Hotel is a famous place in the country and built by Sarkies brothers, it is Mynamar’s landmark.
One of the interesting things tourists do in Yangon is spending some time at the fascinating circular train. A ride on the train will allow you to appreciate and learn about the area even much better. You will be fascinated as you see the sceneries changing from urban and entering the rural areas dotted with villages, cows, and kids.
A tour at the food market is also an interesting one as you get to see cooking demonstrations by the locals. Yangon also has various cultural shows since it is a city rich in arts and culture. Shopping in Yangon also offers a great experience and common things sold here are such as handicrafts, clothes, collectibles, and precious gems. With a wide variety of things, shopping is always a fun activity that travelers engage in. as usual, you can expect to pay more as a tourist but bargaining always makes the shopping experience even more vulnerable.