Asmara, Eritrea

Asmara is the capital of Eritrea and while the economy has been battered by civil liberties, the city is a life of luxury. Asmara is one of the most beautiful African cities that qualify to be a highlight of a memorable African journey. The colonial Italian architecture is a major attraction here that continues to attract many tourists to the city. The main street in the city, Independence Avenue’ is lined with beautiful palms. There are also numerous cafes, shops, bars, old cinemas, and hotels that will make your travel a memorable one. The bustling market place in the city is amazingly colorful and buying some souvenirs is always an exciting activity for travelers.
Nyala Hotel boasts the best accommodation facility in the city and tourists can catch a clear view of the entire city when at the top. It serves exceptionally good beer brewed in Asmara and you can enjoy a great view of the city as you seep your beer. The National Museum in Asmara is located just close to Nyala hotel where there are impressive collections of some of the best civilizations on the land. Biet Ghiorghis zoo and Park is famously located on the Misawa road and has very beautiful sceneries. While the zoo has nothing much to see or enjoy, the beautiful sceneries will surely keep you busy.
The highland area has a dramatic landscape and on top of this, the traditional village of Tselot is a marvelous place to visit. It is very famous in the country as it used to be the president’s village. There is also a nearby marketplace called the Meda Eritrea. People living in this rural highland depict a lifestyle of the traditional Biblical times. The area is characterized by stone houses, ancient temples, and small plots. Technological advancement here is at its lowest and camelback or mules are still used as the means of transport. There is also a Martyrs National Park in Asmara and the mountainous wildlife reserve has a dramatically beautiful landscape characterized by mountaintops and gorges.
If you are traveling to Asmara for a limited time, the best thing to do is to enjoy a sightseeing tour in the city in the beautiful sceneries. When traveling to Asmara and other parts of Eritrea, you should carry sunscreen lotion in plenty. During hot days, the area receives a lot of temperature variations, and clouds are rare. If you enjoy mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking Asmara is an excellent place to visit.
Unfortunately, you need to carry the necessary gear with you as there are no rental shops. Local guides are readily available who will supply you with mosquito nets and camping tents. Foreigners are also not allowed to take photos around authority especially ministries, police, and government buildings. When it comes to eating, you should stay away from ice creams and fruit juices sold by local vendors unless you want to suffer from serious health issues. Stick to unpeeled fruits and bottled drinks as much as possible.