Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Ashgabat is simply known as ‘the city of love’ and features lavishly built marble palaces, vast manicured parklands, and numerous attractions. Previously a small metropolis in the country, the city has of late reinvented itself and transformed to become a showcase center for the republic. Located in Ahal province, Ashgabat is the capital center of the newly independent country of Turkmenistan. While the city is currently experiencing an accelerated development phase, it has a lot to offer and most travelers will agree that it is the jewel of the country when it comes to tourism.
The most famous tourist attraction in the city is the Ashgabat Flagpole which has been rated as the tallest flagpole worldwide and is worthy of a visit. The Turkmenhashi cableway just next to the national museum offers spectacular views of the city and is worthy of a visit. The Tolkuchka bazaar has been named among the most colorful and attractive bazaars in Central Asia.
The National Museum located in Ashgabat is a must-visit and houses some of the most unique exhibits of ancient history like the Margiana artifacts and antique items collected from the Bronze Age sites. Also, you will find beautiful exhibits of weapons, sliver jewelry, female dress, and musical instruments. The Museum of Fine Arts is also located in the city and mostly houses some of the most beautiful paintings works. Other key attractions include the Turkmen Carpet Museum, Turkmenistan Independence Park, and Turkmen National Values Museum.
Besides seeing all these attraction sites, there are also a lot of many enjoyable things to do in Ashgabat especially visiting the theatres. Some of the most popular theatres include Mollanepes Drama Theatre, Magtymguly Theatre, and Pushkin Russian Theatre. Shopping in Ashgabat is always a great fun like the famous Yimpas Shopping Center. The area houses a supermarket where you can buy certain stuff such as food, soap, drink, cosmetics, and toothbrush. The shopping center also houses probably the best food court you can find in the country that offered a reasonable process. Travelers also can enjoy playing pool, bowling, and playing table tennis.
The Tolkuchka in the city also attracts many travelers enthusiastic about shopping as well as the nearby carpet shop. The Gulistan market is located centrally at the universal market and you can buy clothing, handicrafts, vegetables, and fruit. Some of the best eating spots in Ashgabat are the Altyn Jam and Asuda Nusa. Sleeping in Ashgabat is offered in various hotels like the Hotel Nissa, Hotel President, Hotel Grand Turkmen, Hotel Ahal, and Dovranov Homestay.
Internet cyber cafes are dotted all over Ashgabat and you can access internet connection at very cheap rates. All in all, the city has a lot to offer in terms of tourism resources, and considering that it is also growing tremendously, there is a lot to offer to enthusiastic tourists. The city enjoys its economic growth and booming growth from oil and gas receipts. While Ashgabat relatively experiences earthquakes, it is still a safe place to enjoy a holiday vacation.