Apia, Samoa

Samoa is an island country of wonderful natural beauty. The country has its capital in Apia and the island is home to about 40, 000 people. Just like other capitals on Pacific Island, Apia is quite a small, run-down shabby and has the obvious attractions you would expect to find on an Island. Accommodation at the beach is always a wonderful experience and there is generally much to see here. One of the major attraction sights is Robert Louis Stevenson’s House which has of late been turned to a museum with a wide range of antique collections. The Robert Louis Stevenson’s grave is situated on Mt Vaea where it overlooks his home. Climbing to this grave is always an exciting activity for tourists.

The fish market in Apia will definitely wow you and the fishes are regarded as special meals in the city which you will enjoy. The Mulinu’u Peninsula is home to the parliament house, history observatory, law courts, and several high profile tombs. A Vailima Brewery Tour will excite you but you need to make your reservations well in advance.
Most travelers find it quite enjoyable having a walk to the sea wall and you can get a great experience during a mild day. However, walking around the area after dusk is discouraged as there are a lot of dangerous dogs. The Palolo Deep Marine Reserve has continued to be a popular attraction center for a long time. Located at the Vaiala beach, their area is more or less of a coral gravel but the largest one in the country.
Snorkeling along the beach is very enjoyable and swimming is also common. Apia is a major fishing destination for most travelers and there are many charter companies. Golfing will also keep you busy in Apia as the city houses several golf courses that will fascinate you. Shopping is a common activity in Apia and the markets feature interesting stalls with souvenirs that are made locally.
Nevertheless, most of the other items for sale are from China and you will need to check on the quality of what you are buying especially clothes. The flea market is well known as one of the places where you can find most of the imported items and locally made handicrafts.
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