Qatar stands out as a famous destination in South East Asia. Mostly known for its advanced and widely growing international airlines, Qatar Airways, Qatar proves to be a successful tourist destination in the region and at the global level. Being a member of the Arabian states in the South East Asian region, Qatar also boasts its strong oil and natural gas reserves. Knowing Qatar is easy through a tour around its modern capital, Doha City and Mathaf Museum. Qatar’s region takes the form of a peninsula that juts into the Persian Gulf. Thus, it has a lengthy coastal outline with a good number of lively beaches.
Qatar uses advanced transport means to connect it to other places outside the country. Qatar Airways serves the most number of connective trips for international visitors to the state. The major airline connects places abroad to Qatar. Saudi Arabia shares a border with Qatar, thus there is a road route joining the two countries, which you can use by car or public bus means. Ensure you travel during the day because it is safer than nighttime. If you are in a state like Iran and Dubai that provide international boat-travel services, find the boat and timing for its journey direct to Doha’s port. 
Considering that the climate in Qatar is hot, ensure you have clean bottled water all the time even in the place, you will temporarily stay within the state. Finding an accommodation facility of your referred standards can be challenging because the hotels usually charge as high as a 100 U.S. Dollars per night. The only cheap option is a hostel that will cost you only a 100 Qatari Riyals. One alarming thing to note while staying in Qatar is the common occurrence of sandstorms, so better keep yourself to a public paved area or get used to the storms when visiting a rural tourist attraction. 
Qatar’s dining centers are fabulous and antique, similar to the dishes that they prepare for their customers. There are also internationally based hotel chains like Ramada and The Marriott that you can check in for a fancy surrounding, specialized western dishes, and modern drinks.
Apart from western diets, there are varieties of spicy, soupy delicious Asian dishes from different states such as Pakistan and India. Some local stalls offer food at cheap prices, so it is easy to experience the local Qatar cuisine. Delicious dishes to mark your visit in Qatar are uniquely designed local breads, kebabs, sushi, seafood dishes, and so many delightful desserts that will wow your taste buds. 
Touring Qatar is a great Arabian experience. You get to see and discover famous historic sites, Islamic art, the local unique architectural designs, safari tours around a section of the desert, and bask and quench in the cool waters of the sea. You will also be interested in the artificial island known as the Pearl, which stands next to Doha City. The Pearl is a thriving commercial center with nice restaurants and shopping centers, and it is amazing to stand in the blue sea environment from this gorgeous island.