Seoul, South Korea

With a population of more than 11.8 million, the capital city of South Korea, Seoul is the largest city in South Korea and the cultural and financial epicenter of East Asia. It features a fascinating mix of digital technology and ancient traditions, its home to endless nightlife districts, and food vendors. 
Also, the city is characterized by the serene dotted Buddhist temples, a high pressure extraordinarily education system, extraordinary architecture, and rows of grey monotonous buildings. You can get into Seoul through the Incheon Airport and get to the city through A’REX train. Being stuck in traffic jams is a common scenario in Seoul city and if you want to avoid this, it recommended you use underground trains. 
Seoul is a rich city as far as tourism is concerned and there is much to see starting with palaces that remind you of ancient Korea’s royalty. The city has over 5 major royalty services that are worthy of a visit and they include Gyeonghui-gung, Changgyeong-gung, Deoksu-gung, Changdeok-gung, and Gyeongbok-gung. Seoul is located in a mountainous region which gives the city a touristic landscape and makes the city a great spot for hiking opportunities.
Notable mountains are the Mount Bukhan, Mount Gwanak, Mount Samseong, and Mount Inwang. Parks are here in plenty starting with the 4.19 memorial cemetery, a burial site for the 224 people who died during April 19 movement. Other parks are the BoramaePark, Namsan Park, Olympic Park, Yongsan Park, Yeouido Park, and others.
Shrines and temples dot the entire city with the most popular shrine being the Jongmyo Shrine which is devoted to members of royal families of the Korean dynasties. Other shrines worthy a visit are Mount Inwang, Jogve temple, and Bongeun temple which is the most visited, richest, and biggest Seoul temple. The World Comic Convention is a festival held in Seoul city featuring both the Korean and Japanese anime. The Seodaemum prison in Seoul dates back during the period of Japanese occupation in 1908 and was infamous for the starvation, torture and execution of political prisoners in Korea.
The N Seoul Tower was once famous as the tallest Asian tower which gives a panoramic view of Seoul and neighboring regions. The National Museum of Korea is home to the best relics and artifacts across Korea collected throughout the different dynasty periods. The National War Memorial is a museum in Korea which houses the history of the Korean military and the Korean War where various weapons used including trainer, bomber, and fighter aircraft are on display.
When in Seoul, you can spend time in the amusement parks, gambling, or go for mountain biking. Performing arts is held in the Seoul Art Center, KBS Hall, and the famous Sejong Center. In Korea, saunas are popularly known for relaxation and are offered as public baths with general services like shoe cleaning and hair cuts being available. The major sport in Seoul is Taekwondo, a well-known form of martial art and you can also go for fitness in the famous World Gym which features equipment used in the 80s.