Laos is a republican country situated in South East Asia. It neighbors other Asian states: Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, China, and Thailand. Laos has a great dynamic landscape, extensive beaches, and cool sites waiting to be seen by visitors from all over this world. Laos is landlocked and its landscape is mountainous. Its capital city is Vientiane, which lies close to the Mekong River. 
Laos has international airports located in Vientiane and Luang Prabang. The international airlines operating flights in Laos are Laos Airlines, Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Air Asia, and Bangkok Airlines. People in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, and Siem Reap can use a selection of the airlines to arrive at Laos’ international airports. Nong Khai-Thailand and Bangkok are connected to some towns in Laos by train transport. However, passengers reaching the railway station in Laos have to board public transport buses to arrive at the city center because the station is in an unoccupied area.
Traveling to Laos by land requires visa identification. From Cambodia, buses can be used from Stung Treng to reach destinations that are within Laos. People in Mengla – China can use road connections between the town and Boten in Laos to enter Laos but still have to carry their visas. From Thailand, passengers can use either of the following border crossings to reach Laos Huav Xai, Muang Ngeun, Nam Hueng, Vientiane, Tha Khaek, Savannakhet, Vang Tao and Paksan. In Vietnam, the border crossings to be used are Donsavanh, Lak Sao, Keo Nua Pass, Na Meo, Nam Can, and Tay Trang.
Laos accommodation list consists of hotels, guesthouses, and the Champasak Palace in Pakse. The hotels are fancy and they have a wide range of price charges to enable all tourists to effectively budget for their night stay in Laos. Laos’s cuisine is spicy and topped with lots of veggies, sometimes served with raw vegetables. Rice is common in many local dishes offered in the fancy restaurants and luxurious hotels in Laos’ towns and Vientiane city. Laos’s cuisine is similar to Thai cuisine due to the food arrangement and the way they apply spices to the food.
The tourism has a long list of attractions for tourists to visit, explore, enjoy, and discover in Laos. Tour guides are available to show you around the sites. Fun activities include a two-day trek known as the Ban Nalan Trail, at the northern side of Laos, cruising along the Mekong River, rock climbing, kayaking along the Mekong River, treating yourself to a herbal sauna, and sight-seeing various unique features and historic treasures of the country.
Tourist sites to visit include the Wat Phu Heritage Site, Plain of Jars containing Iron Age cemeteries, the group of thousands of islands known as Si Phan Don, and a cultural and nature exploration trip to Nong Khiaw, a place of high cliffs and its village inhabitants. Vieng Xai would also not be left behind. Vieng Xai is an adventurous place bearing and preserving important symbols of Marxism such as the caves that were used by the Pathet Lao leaders to defend their community.
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