Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen is not just one of the richest cities in the People’s Republic of China but also one of the most heavily populated cities in the nation. It is a hot tourist destination spot in China, being named among the UNESCO Creative Cities. Even though international tourists rarely visit Shenzhen, it is one of the most visited destinations by domestic tourists in China. Initially, theme parks were the major attractions but with time, the city has gone through tremendous development and accumulated a lot of wealth at the same time. 
As such, Shenzhen has become famous for its unique architecture with active art scenes, restaurants, bars, and shopping centers being established all over the city. Dapeng Peninsula where the best beaches in Shenzhen are located was in 2006 named among the most beautiful China coastlines by China National Geographic Magazine. 
Over time, tourists to Shenzhen have also been attracted by a range of historical sites which are very fascinating especially those associated with the annexation of Hong Kong after Opium Wars and Hakka culture. As far as climate is concerned, it is recommended that you visit Shenzhen between October and December when there is a pleasantly cool weather. The city has many amusement and theme parks, mostly visited by Chinese tourists.
Western visitors react differently to these amusement parks with some finding them to be amazingly tacky while others enjoy them to the fullest. Some of the notable theme parks include Window of The World, Splendid China Culture Village, Happy Valley Theme Park, Minsk World, and Lianhua Mountain Park among others. The Mangrove National Park and Wutong Mountain National Park are home to wildlife and are notable for bird watching and are indescribably beautiful.
The many galleries and museums in Shenzhen city are beauty spots in Shenzhen city and attracts thousands of visitors like the Dafen Oil Painting Village, He Xiangning Art Museum and Shenzhen Museum. Shenzhen city is also a worship center with religious structures appearing dotted all over the city. The most notable ones are the Hong Fa Buddhist Temple and Chiwan Tin Hau Temple.
Historical sites in Shenzhen date back in the 12th century and are characterized by the Young Song Emperor’s tomb, Xin’an Ancient City, Dapeng Ancient Fort, and the Chiwan Left Fort. As far as things to do in Shenzhen is concerned, there are several concert halls and theatres that you can visit for pure amusement especially the Poly Theatre, Grand Theatre, and Shadu Song and Dance Hall.
Shenzhen is known as a golfing Mecca in China and Mission Hills is the largest golf course in the world where international tournaments are held. Other famous golf courses include Shahe Golf Club, Xili Golf Club, and Noble Merchants Golf Club. Some of the best beaches in China are located in Shenzhen which gives the region a scenic coastline thanks to the Dameisha beach, Jin Sha Wan Beach, Dameisha Beach, and Xiaomeisha Beach. Shenzhen city is also a major shopping destination with numerous bazaars and shopping malls dotting the city all over.