Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Commonly referred to as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh, or HCM or HCMC is Vietnam’s largest city and previously the capital city of South Vietnam. After Saigon fell in 1975, the city was renamed to its current name even though most foreigners and Vietnamese still refer to the city by its old name. Ho Chi Minh is a historical city and you can expect to see numerous historical buildings and attractions here. One of the historical sites in Ho Chi Minh that attracts a large number of tourists every year is the Reunification Palace. Then there is the War Remnants Museum which houses historical exhibits and American military hardware including helicopters, jets, and tanks that are nicely displayed at the building. 
Just to the southern side of the museum is the Le Quay Don which provides a happy retreating area from the hectic and hot city environment. City hall was previously known as Hotel de Ville which was recently re-branded to People’s Committee Hall. At night, this colonial building has a beautiful look when lit. Entry is free of charge and tourists can take photos at the front. The Ho Chi Minh museum is also a popular attraction in the city. There are also various religious sites in Ho Chi Minh starting with the Central Mosque which attracts large crowds on Fridays. Its cool shaded veranda provides a great place for reading, having a nap, and even reading, and just like other mosques; you must dress conservatively and take off your shoes to enter. 
Along the Han Thuyen Street, you will find the Notre Dame Cathedral, and entering this catholic cathedral built in French architecture is free of charge. Quan Am Pagoda is an old pagoda in the city and is home to lots of cheerful and incense puppy. One of the top architectural attractions in Ho Chi Minh is Bitexco’s financial tower which is located in the city’s entertainment and business district and is among the most attractive commercial properties in the city. 
Just in case you feel that you can’t stand the heat, you can cool off at the various city water parks the Dam Sen Water Park offers some of the most unique experiences for water sliding in Vietnam. Tourists in Ho Chi Minh will not leave the city without visiting several hair salons where you can have some pedicure, manicure, and hair wash services. 
Ho Chi Minh is known as a shopping city especially for the Vietnamese crafts and arts. Ho Chi Minh also offers a large selection of international and Vietnamese food and of late the cost of food in the restaurants has been experiencing a significant rise resulting from a mixture of different factors like increasing wagers, soaring cost of real estate properties, and increasing food prices. Local food festivals are common in Ho Chi Minh where a wide range of drinks are also served such as Fazil and coffee shops appear to be dotted all over the city.