Gili Islands, Indonesia

Gili Islands are tourist destinations located in the Lombok region of Indonesia. These islands are three in number namely: Meno, Trawangan, and Air Islands. Gili Trawangan Island is frequented with parities hence it is nicknamed the party island. Gili Air has the highest population amongst the other islands, so you will find lots about the local culture of the islands. Many aspects make the Gili Islands a popular tourist destination in Indonesia.
The islands have lively sandy beaches, scuba diving, beautiful restaurants serving mouth-watering delicacies, night outs at the beachside, lovely lodging and resorts, and royal spa services that make the Gili Islands an important place to relax. The best period to visit the Gili Islands is between December and April when the rainy season is off.
The Gili group of islands is connected to the mainland of Lombok and several international places by modern and well-established transport facilities. If you are in Lombok City, drive along the route connecting the city to Bali, and then board a boat in Bali to any of the Gili Islands. Many companies run the boat ride service between Bali and Gili Islands; they are Blue Water Express, Kuda Hitam, Scoot Cruise, Semaya One, and Gili Getaway. There is also an international airport that you can arrive at to access the Gili Islands. Lombok International Airport is located in Lombok, and it is served by various Asian airlines from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Surabaya amongst many other destinations abroad.
Gili Islands have many homes for the tourists planning to stay. You can choose to stay in a guesthouse, hotel, homestay, or a luxurious villa at the coast. The prices are higher since the accommodation facilities are scarce, so they are unable to cater for the high inflow of tourists in the islands. Thus if you are hoping to secure a vacancy in the guesthouses or the exotic villas, ensure you make reservations early especially before the peak seasons. Most of these facilities feature swimming pools, spa treatments, diving centers, air-conditioned rooms, and many other secondary requirements for your stay in the islands.
Eateries in the islands are in abundance. There are restaurants and hotels in every corner of each island with Gili Trawangan Island having the highest number of restaurants in the region. Therefore, you can always find a place to dine even at the beach after a cool swim in the ocean. You can find pizzas, western dishes, fish dishes, and the local Sicilian cuisine. Gili Trawangan is home to the most vibrant nightlife amongst the Gili Islands, with plenty of brands of wines and drinks being offered in its clubs and restaurants.
The attractions to visit in the Gili Islands are few. The major sites are the white sandy beaches where many activities take place. Other tourist sites are the Gili Meno Park and the Turtle Sanctuary. Gili Meno Bird Park is in Gili Meno Island, and it features many types of birds of different attractive species including flamingoes, pelicans, eagles, and parrots. There is also a fine spot in the islands where you can view a glamorous sunset in the evening across the three islands as the night darkness falls. You can also enjoy walking around the three islands, which can take one and a half hours to visit all of them.
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