Anguilla Island

As a small island country lying in the Caribbean Sea, Anguilla is Saint Martin’s neighbor to the south, and it has The Valley as its blossoming capital city. Tourism is the major economic activity within the borders of this little nation. Famous for myriads of marine life, sandy beaches, and almost flat landscape, Anguilla is at the heart of tourism in the Caribbean Sea region of islands.
Traveling to Anguilla is either by air or by sea. The island nation is served only by Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport, which was previously known as Wallblake airport. It has a runway of slightly over one and a half kilometers and it can only accommodate moderate and small size airplanes.
No direct flight from America or Europe lands at the airport, but visitors from such countries can use Saint Martin, which is just a twenty-minute boat ride away. One could also travel by a charter service from Princess Julian Airport to Blowing Point, Anguilla. When you are coming by sea, there are a number of options to explore. There are regular ferries from Saint Martin’s, which is a 20-minute journey to Anguilla Island.
As a nation with no permanent residents, you are always welcome to stay. Besides, to make your stay comfortable on the island, there are various accommodation options to choose from depending on your financial ability and your choice of a lifestyle. Here are a few examples of where you could stay if you are new to Anguilla; if you are the high-end type, you can try the Cuisinart Resort and Spa, Sirena hotel, or Altamer Villas. Other nice yet less expensive options include Arawak Beach Inn, Masara Resort, Anacaona Boutique Hotel, and Anguilla Great House.
As a renowned tourist destination, Anguilla has a larger number of restaurants varying in cuisine served and prices of the food. You can choose to dine in a luxury or a fair price restaurant. The most popular cuisines served are influenced by native Caribbean, African, Spanish and English cuisines.
Seafood is also bountiful and being a lover of seafood you will always have a time of your lifetime dining here. Almost all the vegetables and other types of food consumed in Anguilla are mostly imported although, you can find fresh pork or mutton locally. The most renowned restaurants include English rose restaurant, pump house, and Elvis beach bar.
From the heavenly sparkling white sands, enchantingly gorgeous bays, to an endless clear blue ocean; Anguilla Island has attractions all around it. If you love water sports and marine life then this is definitely a paradise for you.
Surrounded by coral reefs and with it an array of marine life, you will definitely enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving around this island and have a chance to see rare marine creatures. The most popular beach is Shoal Bay, which is an excellent beach, and you have a chance of visiting other popular bays on the island; such as Rendezvous, Barnes, road, and little bay.
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