Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is a group of islands located close to Brazil in South America. It is a tourist site in Brazil with secluded white sandy beaches, historic sites, unique landscapes, and nature discoveries to explore in the islands. The Fernando de Noronha islands are also globally recognized as a natural World Heritage Site with splendid wildlife species dwelling in them.
The Fernando archipelago isolated from the mainland, and there is no road to connect the islands from it. Its nature is volcanic as it was formed through volcanic activity that occurred within the sea, resulting in an island, rocks, and islets. It is within this area that you will find countless number of aquatic species including dolphins and turtles.
The Fernando de Noronha International Airport and the seaports around the islands are the means by which tourists can enter the archipelago from other lands. Some cities in the mainland of Brazil are directly connected by flight, as well as other places such as Recife, and Natal. If you are planning to travel in a boat to the islands, then use the CVC cruises from the ports of Natal, Fortaleza, and Recife.
You can also choose to stay in Fernando de Noronha islands during your holiday. The islands have high quality and remarkable pousadas. Each pousada keeps a dolphin or more to give you company. The facilities can offer breakfast arrangements and preparation for you each day you wake up on their premises. There being more than 60 pousadas in the Fernando de Noronha, it is advisable to browse each pousada to find the one that suits you best. The best pousada is the one that exposes itself internationally through its website, so you will find most pousadas on the web and be able to find your preferred choice.
Dining in Fernando de Noronha is an adventure into the exotic and passionate Brazilian cuisine. The restaurants and hotels in the islands are experiences in making Brazilian delicacies as well as some international dishes. One of the local dishes you would never miss out is the acai dish consisting of a purple mashed fruit from Northern Brazil, which is blended with bananas and granola. It is refreshing and appetizing after any much-energy consuming activity. There are also shopping centers in the main populated islands where you can stop by to purchase snack foods including fast foods like pizzas and hamburgers, as well as numerous brands of soft drinks and wines.
There are many places to tour and attraction sights to see in the Fernando de Noronha Islands. The sights of the sun setting below the sea level with its blazing golden rays in the evening and the full moon rising to replace it are the beautiful wonders that will accompany you throughout your holiday in the islands. You will also get to interact with Mother Nature by visiting the marine parks to view the aquatic life within the ocean. The Dolphins Bay Site is a nice spot to interact with dolphins. You can also find sea turtles at Sueste Bay. Apart from these nature tours, there many fun activities to do at the beach like ball games and swimming at a safe distance from the shore.
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