Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island is a territory of the nation of Chile. The island lies in the Pacific Ocean, near Tahiti. It is often considered a sacred site, and it is one of the oldest historic sites in the world. Easter Island was initially a habitat for the Polynesian community, which gradually faded away over the centuries through cultural influences. 
Easter Island is accessible by air and ship transport means. LAN Airlines operate international flights between Chile and many parts of the world. Thus, to be able to access Easter Island from abroad, you have to pass through the airport at Hanga Roa in nearby Chile. The flight charges are expensive since there are very few airlines, mostly one company, LAN that caters for international travel hence a lack of competition.
If you were in New Zealand and you would like to take a voyage trip to Easter Island, and then find out when the next voyage will take place and the exact timing so that you do not miss it. It is known that the voyage between New Zealand and Easter Island takes place once a year. However, note that the voyage takes a long period of even a month to reach Easter Island.
Accommodation in Easter Island is in the form of international hotels, guesthouses, budget hotels, hostels, cabanas, and bread and breakfast inns. The international hotel choices available on the island are Explora, Altiplanico, and Hanga Roa. Guesthouses are also popular for being helpful to tourists by reaching out to tourists at the airport to acknowledge them of the viable options of guesthouses that they can select from, and then guide the tourists right to the premises of the guesthouses. The officials of the guesthouses also guide tourists in finding places for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and hiring cabs for driving them around the island safely. The cabanas are useful for tourists who come in as a family or a group of people.
There are many eateries plying to vacationers within Easter Island. Supermarkets also contribute as food suppliers where varieties of snacks and some food recipes can be bought at affordable prices. La Taverne du Pcheur has skillful seafood desserts, and its setting is exotic for the high-end tourists. This and many more restaurants varieties of cuisine and seafood are in plenty and deliciously served.
Not to forget the About du Monde restaurant, which is not only a dining place, but also a setting for Polynesian dancers to entertain guests at a cost of ten thousand pesos. A large selection of food stalls that fix snacks such as hot dogs with add-ons, sandwiches, and light meals lie fries and steak. You will also find unique cocktails in the bars close to some restaurants that include alcoholic lemon drinks are served in Easter Island.
The major attractions on Easter Island are the Moai archaeological sites. Tourists visiting the Moai are requested to treat the archaeological items with care because they can easily break off. Many other interesting attractions are available at the coastal areas of the island. The coastal regions also display historic displays, and natural attractions such as the Rano Kau and Rano Raraku volcanic features.
Mountain climbing and hiking are common fun activities at the two volcanic craters. Easter Island boasts extensive white sand beaches. Anakena Beach on the northern side of the island is a great spot for surfing. Scuba diving and snorkeling activities can be found at the Motu Nui and Motu Iti islets.