Saint Thomas Island

Saint Thomas is a member of the Virgin Islands considered a territory of the United States of America. English is the frequently spoken language on the island. Saint Thomas Island has a well-organized tourism sector. There are advanced transport systems that enable people, from other islands and abroad, to access the island directly. The hospitality services and accommodation facilities are remarkable, and touring the island’s attractions is undoubtedly an adequate adventure. 
The Saint Thomas Island can be accessed by three means of transport. The Cyril Eking International Airport is the major gateway for travelers entering the island from countries far away from the U.S. Virgin Islands. The island is located at the southwestern side of the island. Many international airlines and local airlines of Cape Air and Seaborne Airlines, which connect Saint Thomas Island to nearby islands and many major cities in the United States of America, serve it.
You can also travel by cruise ships from neighboring islands and arrive at either the West Indian Company Dock or the Crown By in Saint Thomas Island. If you are coming from the other Virgin Islands including the British Virgin Islands, there are ferries, such as the Island Lynx Ferry, that you can board to access Saint Thomas Island.
Despite its small size, Saint Thomas Island is full of options for accommodation facilities for its tourists. You can choose a bed and breakfast inn, a rental apartment, an accommodation hotel, or a beach resort. The affordable and cheap group of accommodation facilities is the bed and breakfast inns that are common at Downtown and rentals, whilst the expensive range is the beach resorts that have much comfort with social facilities like spacious swimming pools, restaurants, spa, and water sports facilities.
Saint Thomas Island has a good number of restaurants and hotels. You will never miss breakfast, lunch, supper or any snack to eat at any time in the restaurants. The delicacies are much more of the western cuisine like fries, sandwiches, and varieties of seafood dishes. Caribbean, Spanish, and West Indian dishes are also provided some restaurants such as Rancho Latino in Havensight and Shawny’s Shack at Yacht Haven.
Saint Thomas Island is also a place you will always find coconuts in plenty. You can order a full coconut at a maximum of 10 Dollars, drink its milk, and have it cracked to munch its white meat. Nightclubs are rare but available in some towns especially at Frenchtown.
The top attractions in Saint Thomas Island are beaches, bays, and harbors. Hull Bay is the island’s surfing station. Top beaches in Saint Thomas are Sapphire and Coki Beaches. The beaches also have spots for snorkeling to get a glimpse of the marine water environment in the ocean.
Paradise Point is a nice point for viewing varieties of bird species dwelling in the island and many flowering plants. The historic sites in Saint Thomas are Saint Thomas Synagogue and the 99 Steps that were established in the 1750s.