Baros Island, Maldives

Baros is an island resort that lies at the southern part of the northern atoll in the Maldives region. The island is easily accessible from the Maldives International Airport as it is just a few minutes boat ride from the airport. Excursions in Baros Island are well organized and enjoyable, and touring the island is a unique chance to discover more about its surroundings and local culture of the community within its vicinity. Baros Island has excellent facilities for tourists staying in it. There is enough dining, accommodation, and social facilities with professional personnel who are standby to ensure that every tourist on the island is comfortable and safe on the island. 
Since Baros Island is one of the islands in the Maldives, it can be accessed by speedboat rides from the nearby islands and atolls. The Maldives International Airport is the major gateway for foreign tourists as it serves flights between the Maldives and several destinations in America and some parts of the world. 
Feel at home in the luxury Villas of Baros where the finest services and facilities can be found in life. Baros Island has over 40 tourist beach houses and more than 20 villas so it is an indication that hundreds of tourists visit the island and can be accommodated using these well developed and maintained accommodation facilities. The stricture f the villas and tourist beach homes are built using the coastal design of sandstone and timber that enable the houses to appear in harmony with the surroundings. Their rooms are spacious with royal-like room equipment for great comfort. 
Baros Maldives may be a small, isolated island in the Indian Ocean, but its range of cooking expertise is extensive, enabling the restaurants and hotels to prepare whatever their guests choose every day. You can also have a picnic at the beach as you overlook the Indian Ocean waters and feel the cool breeze on a hot sunny day. There are restaurants and bars that serve superb gourmet-class meals.
Thus, it is no doubt that tourists in Baros enjoy the finest food to be found in the whole of the Maldives. One of the places you can enjoy delicious meals on the island is the Villa Deck that is popular for preparing well-organized diners for its guests. 
A holiday at Baros Maldives is a unique chance to discover more about the islands. You will enjoy different excursions around the island including a voyage trip using the traditional sailing boat locally known as a Dhoni. The Dive Center and the Marine Centre are two places where you will get to dive and explore the underwater environment of the sea. The Dive Center is also a place to train anyone who is unfamiliar with scuba diving before doing the activity by him or herself. Apart from the underwater expeditions, you will get to see the brilliant environment of the island with clear warm waters, the white sandy beaches, the friendly culture of the locals, and many more attractions to see on the island.
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