Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach is a center located southeast of the South Arm Peninsula at Queensland state of Australia. It is located on the shores of the Coral Sea. Clifton Beach is popular for being the major stage for surfing competitions in Australia. The beach also has its own life-saving club that cater for people who come to surf at the beach. Clifton Beach is among the top tourist destinations, and it is close to the most popular attractions in Australia. 
Thus, touring Clifton Beach also exposed to varieties of attractions nearby like the kangaroo zoo and the Great Barrier Reef, which is one of the wonders of the world. Clifton Beach has an adequate supply of facilities including high-class restaurants and accommodation facilities.
Clifton has many options for tourist accommodation. The accommodation facilities location gives them a spectacular view of the ocean. There are beach houses and beach apartments. The facilities are of high quality hence prices can be found to be as high as $180 per night for the most expensive type of accommodation, which is the beach houses and the cheaper ones being the apartments.
There are two restaurants where you can have your breakfast, lunch, and supper. The cuisines offered in the restaurants are international dishes and Australian-based dishes. They are characterized by seafood recipes, veggies, and less carbohydrates. There are also enough varieties of wines and beers in the restaurants. Clifton Capers specialize in Australian dishes that are both traditional and improvised. Fifty-Nine Restaurant and Bar is more of a western-style restaurant that offers international dishes, and it has a golf course and bar within its territory.
Attractions at Clifton Beach include the coastal sand dunes at the eastern and central parts of the beach, the Pipe Clay Lagoon, high cliffs, and the spectacular beaches. Likewise, to other Australian beaches, Clifton Beach is a lively beach with on-going water-sport activities. Find diving spots within the vicinity of the beach and discover the brilliant and colorful aquatic life f the ocean.
You can also visit a wildlife zoo to meet with the most indigenous species in the world, the kangaroos, as well as many other wildlife species in Queensland. There are also many golf courses nearby where you can play golf, and galleries to find out the unique artistic talent in the whole of Australia. The beach also has a good supply of eateries such as restaurants and a bar with plenty of wines and beers to offer to the public at the beach.
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